Gluten-Free Travel News: July 2014

Gluten-Free Travel News

WOW, there was a lot of gluten-free travel news this month! Here are the articles you might have missed:

Gluten-Free Travel Tips

United States

Costa Rica

South America


Gluten-Free in Italy is hot, hot, hot this month including a post in the New York Times!



Gluten-Free Bakery Openings

In case you missed it on Gluten-Free Globetrotter…

Have a gluten-free travel news story I missed? Email me at


About Erin Smith

Erin Smith was diagnosed with celiac disease in the early 1980s, so she’s been eating gluten-free almost her entire life. Erin has a unique perspective of growing up in the gluten-free community and blogs about living — and enjoying — a gluten-free lifestyle. Erin Smith has been writing her gluten-free lifestyle blog Gluten-Free Fun since 2007. In 2011, she launched Gluten-Free Globetrotter, a website that encourages those with celiac disease to travel the world and not be scared about eating gluten-free domestically and abroad. Erin is also the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group, a social community that has grown to over 1950 members in the 10 years she has been organizing the group.
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  1. Thank you for featuring my article! I’m glad to have discovered your website!

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