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You’re Invited: Celiac Project Film and Live Q&A

I invite you to a virtual Q and A with the director of The Celiac Project documentary at 8pm ET on May 26, 2022. I am co-moderating this panel with my friend Andrea Tucker, founder of Baltimore Gluten Free and Gluten Free College 101, and the host of a daily podcast, the Gluten Free News.

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general, Gluten-Free Travel News

Gluten-Free News Podcast

If you aren’t listening to the Gluten-Free News Podcast, you should be. These news briefs are quick (usually less than 5 minutes long), informative, and released daily. Andrea Tucker, founder of Baltimore Gluten-Free, is an amazing celiac disease advocate who has her finger on the pulse of the gluten-free and celiac news world. I am amazed by Andrea’s commitment to putting this podcast out each weekday and connecting with people from around the world. You can find this podcast on all of your favorite podcast platforms.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to be included in Andrea’s weeklong International Women’s Day episode. I share my story of living for more than 40 years and what lead me to become the celiac advocate I am today.

Thank you to Andrea for featuring me and for being such a great celiac friend and advocate.

Take a listen.

GI Psychologist Talks Anxiety and Celiac Gluten Free News

On today's Celiac Project Podcast:Mike and Cam are excited to be joined by GI psychologist and researcher, Dr. Rosie Satherley. In addition to working with patients with celiac disease, Rosie has celiac herself. She shares her surprising diagnosis story and her approach to treating patients with celiac disease. While most of us living with celiac disease deal with a level of stress, Rosie helps us understand when stress and anxiety can cross over into disordered eating. Rosie also has type 1 diabetes, so look for next week's podcast where Rosie enlightens us about the challenges for those living with both autoimmune conditions. Listen to the full episode here: See for privacy and opt-out information.

Gluten-Free Globetrotter in the Media

It has been a busy start to the new year. We’ve had two major snow storms in New York City, we continue to be on Omicron watch, and Gluten-Free Globetrotter is kicking into high gear.

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Happy 2022 from Gluten-Free Globetrotter

Queretaro, Mexico

Welcome to 2022!

I just got back from Mexico feeling both refreshed and anxious. We are still in the throes of COVID and things still feel so up in the air. I tested negative twice in the past week (once to travel and once to be sure) and plan on double masking for the foreseeable future. We gotta do what we gotta do!

I have some exciting things in store for the new year including:

I look forward to connecting with you in this new year. Keep in touch.