Vamos Ticos! Let’s Go (to) Costa Rica

Vamos Costa Rica!
Vamos Costa Rica!

Today Costa Rica is playing the Netherlands in the World Cup. After a wonderful week at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Costa Rica, I am definitely rooting for Costa Rica today. The happiness of the Costa Ricans (also known as Ticos) was so obvious throughout the whole country both with life and with soccer. Although I missed their tie with England because I was zip-lining through the jungle, I could feel the excitement and Costa Rican pride throughout the resort.

I have so many favorite moments from my trip including the gorgeous views, the spacious rooms bigger than my apartment, and the monkeys… OMG MONKEYS!! It was the first time I saw monkeys outside of a zoo! I was like a little kid when David, the owner of Arenas del Mar, came running up to me at breakfast to say there was a “troop” in the trees.

I only saw a tiny sliver of Costa Rica, but I already know I want to go back. I want to see the volcanoes, cloud forest, Osa Peninsula, and Arenas Del Mar again! While I usually stick to my “no repeats” clause when it comes to traveling to the same place more than once, I am giving Costa Rica a pass. There is so much to see and do there. I barely scratched the surface! With more than 600 photos, and the majority of them of food at Arenas del Mar, it was hard to pick my favorites. Here are just a few!

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