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Gluten-Free Food and Wine Cruise on the Danube River

Cruise the Danube with The Gluten Free RN in 2017!
Cruise the Danube with The Gluten Free RN in 2017!

My friend Nadine, aka the GlutenFreeRN, is hosting an amazing cruise on the Danube River in July 2018. This 7-night cruise from  Budapest to Vilshofen includes three gluten-free meals each day, free flowing red and white wine, and deluxe cruise accommodations in an outside stateroom. There will also be live entertainment, cooking demos, and so much more. This gluten-free cruise really does sound like a once in a lifetime opportunity. The cruise is almost full so if you are interested, don’t delay.

The full itinerary is below. For more information and best prices, please visit

Danube Gluten-Free Food and Wine Cruise
Danube Gluten-Free Food and Wine Cruise

Gluten-Free Globetrotting Your Way Through Portland with Bikabout


All of my gluten-free fueled business trips to Portland, Oregon in 2012-14 paid off!

I recently curated a delicious itinerary for with gluten-free destinations in Portland. Bikabout is a really cool website that puts together bicycle routes in cities across the country. The website provides self-guided bike tours, a lodging directory, a bike rental directory, and transportation tips for your travel.

I am an avid bike rider (and an avid gluten-free eater), so I loved Bikabout from the minute I connected with founder Megan Ramey, at the New York Times Travel Show. She heard me shout-out that I was a gluten-free travel blogger during an industry session and the collaboration began! Megan is also gluten-free and loved sharing niche travel ideas. Not to mention she was walking around the expo with the cutest portable bike ever!

When I wasn’t working in Portland, I was eating as you know from all of my posts about gluten-free food! When I wasn’t working or eating, I was riding a rented bicycle. The city is such a bike-friendly city and I wanted to take advantage of my downtime by exploring! I loved biking up and down the Willamette Riverfront, seeing the city from a different point of view. I cannot recommend enough hopping on a bike when you go to Portland. It’s so much fun and a great way to get around.

I put together this “Gluten-Free Globetrotting Your Way Through Portland” self-guided itinerary for Bikabout. The Bikabout tour includes where to rent a bicycle, where to eat gluten-free pizza, cupcakes, and bread, where to enjoy nature and so much more. Putting this together made me so nostalgic for Portland. As if 12 work trips in less than 2 years wasn’t enough, I am ready to go back for more!

Download my Bikabout itinerary, rent a bike, and start eating your way through the gluten-free friendly city of Portland! Burn those calories between gluten-free bites.

Gluten-Free Globetrotting Your Way Through Portland
Gluten-Free Globetrotting Your Way Through Portland



Work With Me to Plan Your Gluten-Free Travel

A few years ago, my friend Kristen asked me to help her plan a European vacation. She asked me where to eat, where to shop, and what was near her hotel. I quickly started doing research and realized I loved helping another celiac travel the world. Over time, my services have grown and planning gluten-free vacations for others has become one of my favorite parts of writing this website.

My Gluten-Free Globetrotter itinerary process usually starts with someone writing me a frantic email about being scared to travel and manage being gluten-free away from home. It usually ends with wonderful photos of gluten-free dishes from around the world. In between, we work through food preferences and additional allergies, where in the world they want to travel, and all concerns about traveling gluten-free away from home. I then start my research and planning of their gluten-free travels. Depending on the level of planning and desired services, the whole process usually takes less than one month.

gluten-free travel in the Bahamas
One happy customer! Sweet little Bella enjoying her gluten-free breakfast with Chef Thomas at Mosaic in Paradise Island, Bahamas

As a lifelong celiac, all of my vacations have always been gluten-free. I’ve always had a passion for travel and I absolutely love learning about different places, cultures, and cuisines for my own gluten-free vacations. Helping others plan their gluten-free travels allows me to expand my knowledge about destinations around the world. I also get to live vicariously through the people I work with when they send me photos of their gluten-free food (and occasionally pictures of themselves) from across the globe. Helping just one person feel comfortable traveling gluten-free makes the process so much more rewarding.

My Gluten-Free Globetrotter itineraries have focused on the United States; Canada; the Caribbean including Aruba, the Bahamas, and Turks and Caicos; Europe including Amsterdam, Wales, Scotland, England, Italy, France, and Spain; Asia, including my own trip to Thailand; and even Africa… a place I am dreaming of visiting one day. If you have a destination in mind that isn’t yet listed above, let’s plan together! I also specialize in gluten-free travel itineraries for New York City, my hometown. Who better to plan your gluten-free vacation in New York than a local?!

gluten-free pancakes in Maui
Another happy customer: Kristen’s gluten-free pancakes in Maui, Hawaii

My basic Gluten-Free Globetrotter itinerary includes a consultation to discuss your travel style and preferences; a personalized itinerary for the city of your choice including restaurants, markets, and more; and a follow-up conversation if you have any questions about your gluten-free travels. We can also customize packages based on your individual or family travel needs.

Happy travelers dining gluten-free in Rome! I’ve recommended La Soffitta Renovatio Ristorante to many friends and clients!

Send me an email using the form below or email me at and let me know you are interested in working together. Then, we will have a phone call or Skype consultation and go from there to plan your best gluten-free vacation ever!




2015 Gluten-Free Tours and Getaways

Gluten-Free GetawayThere are some exciting gluten-free tours, retreats and getaways that have recently come through my email and RSS feeds. I would love to attend them all, but given my personal travel schedule and speaking engagements this year I need to choose judiciously. Are you planning on attending any of these events?

May 2015

Gluten-Free Retreat
Orlando, Florida
Hosts: Carolanne LeBlanc, Jennifer Fugo, Chef Vicki
May 15-18, 2015


The Other China, featuring Tibet
Host: Bob & Ruth’s Gluten-free Dining & Travel Club
August 1-14, 2015

September 2015

Gluten-Free Truth and Consequences
Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ
Host: Canyon Ranch
September 28-October 1, 2015


The Rhine and Amsterdam
Host: Bob & Ruth’s Gluten-free Dining & Travel Club
October 8-18, 2015

Delete the Wheat Wellness Retreat
Riverside Inn, Intervale, NH
Host: Melinda Dennis, MS, RD, LDN
October 23-25, 2015

November 2015

Deluxe Gluten-Free Gourmet All-Inclusive Vacation 
El Dorado Royal Resort, Rivera Maya, Mexico
Host: Center for Celiac Research, Mass General Hospital
November 12-17, 2015


January 2016

Delete the Wheat Wellness Retreat
Center for Spiritual Renewal, Santa Barbara, CA
Host: Melinda Dennis, MS, RD, LDN
January 29-31, 2016



52 Places to Go in 2015

New York Times: 52 Places to go in 2015
New York Times: 52 Places to go in 2015

The New York Times just posted their annual 52 Places to Go report for 2015. I absolutely love looking at this list. This year, their animated photos look fantastic and make these locations look even more enticing than ever before.

I was pleasantly surprised to see eight destinations on this list that I have been to in the past. I was also excited to see San Antonio, Texas on this list because I am traveling there next month. I have traveled to Philadelphia, Orlando, Lower Manhattan, New Orleans, The Catskills, Quebec City, Miami Beach, and Rome. As with all of my travel, these trips were completely gluten-free!

This locations on my wishlist include: Cuba, Yellowstone National Park, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. I am also very intrigued by Papua New Guinea and have read many books about this remote location. I am not sure how safety this country is just yet, so I think this will be a much later in life destination.

What is on your 2015 travel wishlist? Share your dream destinations in the comments below!