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Gluten-Free Travel to Quincy, MA

Over the summer, I connected with Calli McPherson, the founder and owner of William James Gifts in Quincy, Massachusetts. Calli and I had been following each other on Instagram for a few years but finally chatted face-to-face on her Instagram live in August.

You may wonder why I was chatting with a New England shopkeeper. Well, everything at Williams James Gifts is totally gluten-free! Calli shares on her website, “As someone with Celiac disease it was important to me that the food products I offered to be gluten free.”

In addition to all of the food products being gluten-free, Calli also sources everything from small businesses in New England. If you aren’t based near Quincy, MA, no problem. Calli has a William James Gifts website full of gluten-free snacks, cookbooks, home goods, accessories, and much more. Plus, she puts together really thoughtful gift baskets and towers which can be easily customized to meet your gluten-free gift needs.

After we chatted on Instagram live, I asked Calli to share her top gluten-free recommendations for Quincy for this guide. If you are traveling to Quincy, MA any time soon, be sure to bookmark this mini-guide and to stop by Calli’s store.

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Gluten-Free Guide to Quincy, Massachusetts

by Calli McPherson, Owner of William James Gifts

Home to two American Presidents and John Hancock, Quincy, Massachusetts is a bustling city a stone’s throw from its older sibling neighbor, Boston. Quincy boasts impressive waterfront to explore, an expanding business hub and an impressive food scene.

The past six years I have been on a mission to find some of the tastiest gluten free food options in the greater Boston area. However, finding these gems in my 2nd hometown of Quincy has been a true joy. These are my 5 favorites:

1420 Hancock Street, Quincy

I love sushi, however, finding a Celiac safe sushi restaurant can be a challenge. FUJI at WOC constantly puts all my concerns aside. Their food is delicious and fresh and they completely understand how to make food safe for those with Celiac. I highly recommend stopping in or grabbing takeout at this great restaurant.

1495 Hancock Street, Quincy

Gluten Free fish and chips, honestly this should be enough said but I will go on. Yes, the fish and chips is amazing but their entire menu is filled with delicious comfort food. Almost the entire menu is able to be made gluten free (and they have a dedicated gluten free fryer). The owner has family with Celiac disease so he is very aware and careful about food preparations.

94 Washington Street, Quincy

This is my go-to spot for lunch. They have a large menu of sandwiches, breakfast items and amazing Italian classics. Now, a lot of their food is not gluten free but I mention them because what they do have gluten free, is amazing. They can make almost any sandwich or wrap gluten free, and this is what makes them one of my favorites. If you are looking for a quick and tasty lunch, this is your spot.

16 Cottage Avenue, Quincy

16C is always the talk of the town, and for good reason. This popular neighborhood spot makes every item from scratch and is very knowledgeable about food allergies and safe food preparation. However, their gluten free pizza is the show stopper that keeps everyone coming back.

1440 Hancock Street, Quincy

I am an absolute sucker for amazing tacos and Pearl and Lime does not disappoint. This fun and electric atmosphere is the perfect place to come with friends for dinner. They have a great selection of tacos, appetizers and they have celiac safe chips. They also have a great bar if you are looking for a good spot for just a drink and appetizer.

These 5 restaurants are some of my favorite gluten free spots in Quincy but know that there are so many more. If you live in Massachusetts and have never explored Quincy, I highly recommend making it a day trip. If you are traveling to Boston, hop on the MBTA’s red line and check out all that Quincy has to offer, you will not be disappointed.

And don’t forget to stop by William James Gifts when you are in Quincy. Be sure to tell Calli that Gluten-Free Globetrotter sent you!

William James Gifts
1543 Hancock Street, Quincy

Visit the website for even more information about Quincy and to plan your next trip.

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