Happy Celiac Awareness Month


May 1 kicks off Celiac Awareness Month in the United States. Use this month to educate others about Celiac Disease. It is your month to embrace your diagnosis and encourage others to do the same. We need to talk about Celiac, not shy away from it! I truly believe the misdiagnosis of Celiac is due to lack of education. Who better to educate than us living with Celiac!? You are not alone in this disease. There is an amazing community of people in this country who know exactly what you are going through living with Celiac. Don’t believe me? Just search Google for Celiac, visit Facebook, or jump on Twitter. We will vent with you, cry with you, and this month… Celebrate with you! While you may be one in a million, those with Celiac are 1 in 100! Spread the Celiac cheer!

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