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Gluten-Free in Portland

This Portland post is way overdue. I have traveled to Portland twice since April due to work commitments. In my 30+ years of being gluten-free travel, I found Portland to be one of the most gluten-free friendly cities that I have ever been to. People don’t think it is weird when you ask for a gluten-free menu or gluten-free options. And even if they do think it is weird, so is Portland. See:


After my two visits to Portland, I have a long list of places I have been. My list of places I have yet to go is just as long! I have at least two more trips to Portland coming up in the next 4 months, so I will add to this list as I eat more gluten-free food in Portland.

Here are my top five places to eat gluten-free in Portland, so far:

New Cascadia Bakery
Gluten-free breads, cookies, pizza, baked goods, etc.
In a more industrial neighborhood of SE Portland, but definitely worth the trip to this 100% gluten-free bakery. New Cascadia Bakery also supplies many Portland restaurants with their bread for sandwiches but it was worth the trip there to load up on gluten-free baked goods.

Northwest Public House
The owner of this restaurant has Celiac and the GF menu is extensive. I gorged myself on gluten-free mac and cheese, pulled pork lettuce wraps, and deep-fried apple fritters. YES!!! DEEP FRIED GF DOUGH!! In a funky neighborhood that I want to explore more, I am definitely going back here on my next trip to Portland.

Mellow Mushroom
Gluten-free pizza
I don’t normally like chain restaurants, but this doesn’t have the “chain” feeling. From the first email to customer service at Mellow Mushroom, I felt comfortable eating their gluten-free pizza. It is delicious and the staff was really knowledgable about which toppings were safe for me to eat. I will definitely go back here!

Deschutes Brewery
Gluten-free beer on tap and gluten-free menu
A popular brewery that brews their own GF beer. There is also a GF menu with bar food such as burgers, fries, and more. The waitstaff was extremely helpful and well-versed in gluten-free food.

Tula’s Bakery
100% GF bakery
I didn’t make it to the actual bakery, but a coworker brought me some delicious gluten-free treats for breakfast one morning. I was most impressed with the texture and the leftovers. These gluten-free baked good were still moist and soft the next day which is very unusual for gluten-free products.

Here are some other gluten-free friendly places I ate at while in Portland:

Theo’s Deli
Gluten-free buns for sandwiches
Near my West Coast office, but in a random neighborhood.

MorningStar Cafe Gluten-free bread available for toast

Vegan and gluten-free menu

Laughing Planet Cafe
Multiple locations in Portland, gluten-free “build your own” burrito bowls and really delicious smoothies

Tasting East
Gluten-free Thai food

The one place I haven’t been yet, but really want to go is Abby’s Table. This restaurant serves two family-style, gluten-free meals a week. I need to remember to make a reservation for my next trip to Portland. I can’t wait to try this and I love the idea of a family-style dinner while away on a business trip. What a great way to meet other gluten-free friends!

There is also a Whole Foods pretty centrally located in the middle of Portland. I went to buy cereal, yogurt, etc. which I ate for breakfast most days. I also happened upon a Trader Joe’s while walking back from the Northwest Public House, but I will need to find it again on my next trip out.

Here are some helpful links when traveling gluten-free to Portland:

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