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Gluten-Free in Berlin

As a Gluten-Free Globetrotter who likes to daydream often about her next travels, I stumbled up on the website Glutenfrei in Berlin a while back. Written in English, this is a very helpful website for anyone trying to navigate gluten-free restaurant options and products in Berlin.

Glutenfrei in Berlin is “a guy who spirited himself away from the shores of England to settle in the glorious land of Berlin mid 2009. [He] has been avoiding Gluten like the plague for the past 5 years. A dedicated photographer. Lover of all things cafe and coffee related. Lover of all things doggy. Desperate to stuff his face with as much Glutenfrei loveliness as he can find.”

One of my favorite parts about Adam’s website is his map which includes cafes, restaurants, and shops around Berlin that can cater to a gluten-free traveler or local. I have bookmarked this map and plan to use when I travel to Berlin.

Please visit Glutenfrei in Berlin for more information about living and traveling gluten-free in Germany:

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  1. I went to Berlin and Vienna just before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I would love to go back and do it GF now!

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