Share your gluten-free travel stories

After reading hundreds of gluten-free blogs each week, reading travel blogs is my next biggest guilty pleasure. I devour online journals of solo travelers, group travels, and food adventures from across the globe. Since I don’t travel as often as I would like due to my “real” job, I can sort of satiate my travel bug by reading all of the amazing travel adventures out there. Now I want to read your stories.

May is Celiac Awareness Month. I want to celebrate the month by hearing all of your gluten-free travel stories, both good and bad.  Did you have an amazing experience in Italy? (I did!) Did you get glutened in Asia? (BOO!) Do you have a picture of a delicious gluten-free dish from a remote island? Tell me! As the stories come in, I will start consolidating them and posting them each week throughout the month of May. Let’s embrace our gluten-freeness and encourage others to travel like we do.

Questions? Stories? Email me at gfglobetrotter at gmail. com

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