Gluten-Free in Amsterdam

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When my good friend Kristen mentioned she was going to Amsterdam in March, I got really excited. I love researching new cities and I thought finding gluten-free food in Amsterdam would be a challenge. I didn’t find a ton of restaurants that could cater to a gluten-free traveler, but did find one gluten-free bakery and another chain restaurant that served gluten-free food. I cannot vouch for any of these places, since I haven’t been myself, but I wanted to share my Amsterdam research with my readers. You can read Kristen’s Amsterdam tales here.

Haesje Claes (restaurant)
Gluten-free menu available
Spuistraat 273-275
1012 VR Amsterdam
Tel. 0031.20-6249998

Cau (Carne Argentina Unica)
Argentina restaurant
Damstraat 5, 1012 JL,
+31 20 623 9632

Bakkerij Visser / ‘t Stoepje (Bakery)
Rozengracht 80
1016 NE Jordaan

Wagamama (chain restaurant)
Gluten-free menu

Albert Heijn (supermarket)
Gluten-Free product list

BioMarkt Amsterdam (supermarket)
Weteringschans 133-137

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After my original post, a dear reader and friend passed along a photo from her trip to Amsterdam and a comment:

“Yes, I AM … Gluten-Free and having fun being so! Your delightful guest blogger Kristen reminds us of our take on Amsterdam. Surely you did an excellent job researching GF for her trip, Erin. That ol’ lump in the tummy is no longer de rigueur in order to travel GF. Amsterdam is a fun, energetic, lovely, historical, and easy place to get around. We love seeing things from a different point of view. Anything can go!”

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  1. Hi Erin,

    My name is Barbara and I am a celiac living in Amsterdam. First of all, thanks for your amazing website with so many useful tips. I have a blog myself with my experience en tips for gluten-free restaurants in Amsterdam: I write in (my best) English as well, so I hope I can help tourist visiting Amsterdam as well. Maybe you can link to my blog as well?
    Thanks so much! I hope to here from you!

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