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If you aren’t listening to the Gluten-Free News Podcast, you should be. These news briefs are quick (usually less than 5 minutes long), informative, and released daily. Andrea Tucker, founder of Baltimore Gluten-Free, is an amazing celiac disease advocate who has her finger on the pulse of the gluten-free and celiac news world. I am amazed by Andrea’s commitment to putting this podcast out each weekday and connecting with people from around the world. You can find this podcast on all of your favorite podcast platforms.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to be included in Andrea’s weeklong International Women’s Day episode. I share my story of living for more than 40 years and what lead me to become the celiac advocate I am today.

Thank you to Andrea for featuring me and for being such a great celiac friend and advocate.

Take a listen.

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Living gluten free for a medical condition can be challenging. It means even more, then, when friends, family and co-workers help make the road a little easier. Check out Gluten Free and Glittery's roundup of positive celiac stories and I'd love to hear your's! Just email me at See for privacy and opt-out information.

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