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2020 Gluten-Free Globetrotter Holiday Gift Guide

I always tuck away ideas of great travel-related holiday gifts for gluten-free travelers. This year, most of us aren’t traveling so my gift guide looks a little bit different. More comfort food to enjoy at home while in quarantine, a few travel-related items, and even a celiac movie! I have also included some discount codes for you to use on your purchases.

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Travel-Related Gifts

Gluten-Free Globetrotter Travel Gear Tote Bag
$22.73 for medium-sized bag

To say I am obsessed with this bag would be an understatement. I just launched my new Gluten-Free Globetrotter Gift Shop on RedBubble and the products are all so fun. This tote bag is one of my favorites so far but I also love the travel mugs, water bottles, and phone cases. Show off to the world that you are a Gluten-Free Globetrotter! Cotton tote bags also available.

I encourage you to check out the NEW STORE for so many more fun gift ideas.


Celiac Disease QR Card
Use code GFGlobetrotter for 10% off your purchase

These brand new celiac cards from Equal Eats are a super handy tool to keep in your wallet. These cards can be used in restaurants both locally and when you travel. They are also a great way to educate others about celiac disease in English and many other languages. The QR code allows you to access additional tools to help guide others to a gluten-free meal.


Legal Nomads Translation Cards
$8.99 per car per language

These translation cards are super helpful because they not only are translated for you, but they also focus on the specific cuisine and dishes that are customary for that cuisine. This is especially helpful when trying to navigate a menu that might have unfamiliar dishes and ingredients.


PPE Buddy Kits
$2.99 and up

It wouldn’t be a 2020 gift guide without some protective gear. While I am not traveling at the moment (and not promoting it either), I do understand some people need to travel. These PPEssentials Packs are great to through in your travel bag so you can always keep yourself covered while on the go. Each of these pre-made packs include: 1 mask, 1 single use hand sanitizer, 1 pair of gloves, and 1 single use sanitizing wipe. These PPEssentials Packs are also great to keep in your bag or your car so you can mask up before going into public!


Stasher Bags
Prices vary

I received one of these Stasher Bags as a gift a few months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. They are a bit pricey, but they are reusable over and over again. I love the thickness and the seal of these bags. While I haven’t had a chance to use them during travel yet, I know they will hold up well in a carry-on bag. (Mainly because they are constantly being shuffled around our diaper bags/mom bags and we never had a rip). There are lots of other reusable bags on the market, but so far I find these to be some of the best.

NOTE: You can also find lots of bags like these in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods for a fraction of the price. Look in the kitchen section!

Celiac and Chill (Let’s stay home!)

The Celiac Project Documentary
$2.99 to rent; $9.99 to buy

The Celiac Project documentary was written and produced by my good friend Michael Frolichstein. It is a personal account about life before and after the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. Through Michael’s personal celiac story and interviews with other people living with celiac and doctors, he sets out to separate fact from fiction about the gluten-free diet. I am excited to announce it is now on Amazon. I think everyone with celiac disease should share this movie with their family, friends, and even doctors.


POPZUP Popcorn
Prices vary
Use code GLUTENFREEGLOBETROTTER for 10% off your purchase

This POPZUP Popcorn is honestly some of the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten. I was graciously gifted their variety package a few months ago and it was gone in a matter of days. Everyone I know who has tried this popcorn loves it. It is hard to choose just one flavor so I recommend trying them all: Cheesie Herbie, Butter Me Up, Cheddar Head, and Maple Cinnamon Toast. A bag of this popcorn would go great with watching The Celiac Project documentary.


Mom’s Place Gluten Free
Prices Vary
Use code GFGLOBETROTTER10 for 10% off your purchase

I first heard about Mom’s Place Gluten Free a few years ago but it wasn’t until the 2020 Online Nourished Festival that I got to try one of their baking mixes. I made gluten-free soft pretzels for the first time in my life and they were DELICIOUS! I seriously could have eaten the whole bag by myself but my husband devoured them as well. (As we know, that says a lot when a gluten eater loves the gluten-free!) Just browsing their website, I see so many other products I want to try. I have the crescent rolls mix in my pantry, so that’s up next!


Oh Goodie! Gluten-Free Snack Box
Use code GFGLOBETROTTER for 25% off your first purchase

These brand new gluten-free snack boxes from Oh Goodie! are a great treat for your home or your travels. Going to Grandma’s house for the holidays? Send yourself one of these boxes for when you get there. There are a variety of snacks in each box, all of which are gluten-free.


gfJules Baking Mixes
Prices vary

My celiac friend Jules Shepard has been making delicious gluten-free baking mixes for years. She is one of the originals in the celiac world. She is a tireless advocate and an amazing gluten-free baker. You can buy her mixes directly from her website and make them at home. Our favorite is the Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle mix. You can even set up a subscription so you always have her mixes delivered right to her door. Let’s get through the rest of this quarantine with some of Jules’s yummy comfort food.


Stay tuned for more gluten-free fit ideas including some of your New York City favorites!

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