Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving from Gluten-Free Globetrotter

This Thanksgiving is probably unlike any other Thanksgiving we’ve had in recent memory. The world feels upside-down right now. I feel like I am stuck in that movie Groundhog Day and I can’t move forward. The days are flying by but the actual forward momentum feels like I am walking in glue. I know so many of you can relate as you have shared via email, tweets, and direct messages. There is something strangely comforting in knowing I don’t feel alone.

There’s been no travel in my life which has left me feeling a bit lost. This whole website was built on my passion for travel, yet I can’t do it right now. Besides when I was pregnant, this the longest I have ever gone in my life without getting on an airplane. Hell, I haven’t even left the NYC area or a 10-mile radius in MONTHS. It’s stifling, especially for a Gluten-Free Globetrotter such as myself.

I am also feeling a bit jealous and angry to those within the United States that are traveling right now. I have seen too many people on social media flaunting beach vacations, glamorous rentals, and unsafe socializing while putting themselves and others at risk. Here I am being as careful as I can be for myself and my family, while others are hopping on a plane every chance they can get to “decompress” and have a vacation. Just last night, my husband learned of an acquaintance who needed a “work break” and is now quarantined on her vacation because she is COVID positive. This woman went on a plane the same week as testing positive! How careless can you get? I just can’t accept this recklessness.

Will I travel again safely one day soon? YES. Will I do it now? NO.

I digress…

The one thing that 2020 has done is force me to appreciate the things I do have, the people in my life, and the small things that surround me daily.

Moving over the summer was an unplanned blessing which has led to my whole family being happier and more relaxed. We love our little Brooklyn neighborhood.

Losing my job in March let me have so much more time with my son to see tons of his developmental milestones. He went from baby to full on kid during this pandemic. This boy is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am grateful to be his momma.

Being physically separated from friends and family has led to actual phone calls and conversations, not just loosey-goosey text messages. Setting up video calls with people I haven’t physically seen in months, if not years, has brought me so much joy.

I’ve also connected with so many of YOU from the gluten-free community in some very thoughtful ways. We all met as strangers in this celiac world but so many of you have become good friends. I love when I can hop on a phone call with someone I never met in another state/country and chat like old friends.

So I hope to end this rambling post on an upswing. Thank YOU for being here. Thank you for reading my website for all of these years. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, following me on social, and being such a supportive community. This Thanksgiving, I urge you to focus on the little things we have in life while we try to push forward into an unknown future.

Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe everyone.

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  1. Enjoyed your email today…yes, Groundhog Day is the perfect analogy and I have felt my anxiety rise with the increasing cases. I too look forward to when we can travel again and explore. As a person with a chronic illness, it is a bit easier to give in to staying at home, and I have to push myself to get outside and walk now that the weather is a bit colder. I am happy for the connections of my family, my dear friends, the dogs, Netflix, cozy blankets and my homemade meals (lots of special requests from my kiddos home from college). Stay warm, stay safe and stay connected…better times will be had in 2021!

    Best, Barb Mockus

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    1. Thanks Barb. I do think the pandemic has given lots of time to slow down and connect with immediate family. Plus, lots of cuddles and movies on the couch.

  2. Erin,
    Thank you for your lovely letter to all of us. You are a Beacon of knowledge, power, courage, hope and love as you have affected the lives of so many people. Thrilled to hear you are enjoying your son and thriving in your Brooklyn neighborhood. These are the joys of life and their values are priceless..
    Your kindness, generosity of spirit and all you do heads my list for a Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate the part you play in my life as we all undergo this transitional time.
    May you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.
    With gratitude and appreciation,

  3. I am thankful for your e-mail today.It is certainly unlike any previous Thanksgiving. This is the first time in many years that I have not seen advertisements for in-store shopping on Thanksgiving Day. So I view that as a positive. I am grateful that none of my family members have come down with the virus but I am certainly worried about the next two months. I expect Thanksgiving and Christmas to be super spreader events.It was a beautiful day and we took our daily two mile walk.around the neighborhood. When we saw lots of cars in front of individual houses and spot lights on other houses where the residents were away, we could only think about how many people contracted the virus today. I am looking forward to January 20th when we will see truthful information about the virus and information about the distribution of the vaccine. I long to travel again but I am not sure where I want to go first. Enjoy being with your son as time goes by so fast.

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