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Gluten-Free Globetrotter Going “LIVE” in May 2020

While New York City is still officially on “PAUSE” and the inability to travel at the moment, I want to connect with the gluten-free community in a new way. When two of my favorite people on Instagram both approached me to go “LIVE” with them, I jumped at the opportunity.

Instagram LIVE Events

Join me on Tuesday, May 12th (tomorrow!) at Michelle’s Gluten-Free Kitchen Instagram page at 8pm ET. We are going to discuss reputable resources within the gluten-free community, how to check on the resources you are using, and bloggers within the celiac community. It is definitely going to be an informative topic that we hope you enjoy.

Learn more about Michelle’s Gluten-Free Kitchen on her blog.

Gluten-Free Globetrotter Live with Michelle's Gluten-Free Kitchen


Next week, I am thrilled to join my Instagram GFGBF* Jonathan of @foodchallengedguy LIVE as we discuss what it was like me growing up with celiac versus him being diagnosed as an adult. I think this will be quite and eye-opening conversation since we have very different experiences. Plus, I just adore Jonathan and he keeps me laughing through our DMs late into the night. he is a welcome breath of fresh air in this gluten-free blogging world! Join us on Tuesday, May 19th at 8pm ET on his Instagram page.

Check out Jonathan’s Food Challenged Guy website for some really amazing celiac graphics and an honest look at his health challenges.

*gluten-free gay boyfriend, it’s ok, he knows and so does my husband. LOL!


Astoria Food Pantry Donation Drive @ Astoria Heights Park

A few weeks ago, an Instagram post by the Astoria Food Pantry caught my eye. A local woman named Macaela started a pop-up food pantry out of the back of her car for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It quickly grew in both demand and generous donations from neighbors in Astoria, Queens, New York. I knew I wanted to help so I gathered up a huge bag of donations and dropped them off at the Astoria Food Pantry. As a blogger, I often have a ton of gluten-free samples lying around my house and I knew this was a perfect reason to do some kitchen decluttering. Through the dispersal of these food items to the community, Macaela realized that people with celiac, crohn’s, and colitis often cannot eat the regular donations at food pantries. I loved that I helped open her eyes to this need!

After making my donation, I was inspired to coordinate my own food drive to benefit the Astoria Food Pantry. It came together quickly and all through Instagram with Macaela. The donation drive is this coming Saturday and I already have more than 5 bags of donations from family, friends, and even Instagram friends. I am so excited to see what the local community donates to their fellow neighbors.

If you live in the area, please stop by on Saturday. Social distancing will be strictly enforced! All donations accepted, not just gluten-free!

If you don’t live in the area, but want to help, please email me at

Visit my Facebook event page for more information.

Astoria Food Pantry Donation Drive


I hope to see you at one, if not ALL, of these events!


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