It’s About Time…

Gluten-Free Globetrotter Under Construction

Notice anything different?

My blog was looking how I feel most days… OLD.

I worked with a designer on my new logo over a year ago but totally slacked on the website redesign. First, came the second cross-country move in 2.5 years. Then, came the pregnancy and baby. If those aren’t some major changes, I don’t know what is! Life happens, as we know, and this blog slipped.

But as I was looking at my blog yesterday, I realized that I need a major face lift here at Gluten-Free Globetrotter. While this is totally a work-in-progress, I think this is a HUGE upgrade from the pictures I was using from 2011 when I launched this website. WHAT?!? Who does that? Apparently Me! (*face palm*)

I hope you bear with me as I continue to make some changes to this website. It is a labor of love that I rarely have time for anymore, but is still an integral part of my life. Travel will always be my passion and I will always have celiac disease. My love of travel, my celiac advocacy, and my gluten-free living made me who I am today. I’m not going away, maybe just going a little quiet from time to time.

Thank you for always sticking by me and reading Gluten-Free Globetrotter. Anything specific you are looking for on this blog? Message me any time!




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