Celiac Travel on Facebook

Are you a member of the Celiac Travel Facebook page? If not and you are reading this, you should be!

Celiac Travel on Facebook
Celiac Travel on Facebook

I started this group in early 2018 as a way to meet other celiac travelers from around the globe. I was getting discouraged with other gluten-free travel groups on Facebook that often had travel tips that weren’t appropriate for people with celiac disease. These groups were often full of questionable recommendations or misinformation that could be really dangerous to people traveling with celiac disease. To be honest, I was also tired of spam and business promotions. I came for celiac travel tips but was having to dig around the barrage of self-promotion to actually find valuable information.

Ultimately, I wanted a group that I could trust with when it comes to traveling with celiac disease and in return, provide recommendations for others based on science, international support groups, and facts.

Today, Celiac Travel is the largest celiac-related travel group on Facebook with more than 2,400 members from more than 20 countries, if not more. This group grows by almost 200 people from around the globe each week. I never get tired of seeing where new members are from and where they are traveling to next. I also love the tight-knit community of celiac travelers who help one another.

This is a closely moderated group with an active group of vigilant members who help me keep on top of any questionable posts. All reported posts or comments are taken VERY seriously. If you see something, say something and I will look into it! Thank you to all group members who regularly report contentious posts or comments. I couldn’t do this without you.

Join the original Celiac Travel Facebook group today! Be sure to answer the questions when you request to join and read the rules when you are in the group to help make this group work for everyone.

See you on Facebook.

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  1. LOVE your celiac travel group!! <3 No BS "cures" allowed. It takes time to monitor the posts and ensure that false info isn't spread—so THANK YOU for that. The group helped me tremendously when traveling already (even as a frequent traveler).

  2. I requested to join your FB page and am looking forward to being part of the group.

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