The Celiac Project Podcast Episode 156: Gluten-Free Travel

The Celiac Project Podcast Episode 156

Last month, I rejoined my friends Mike and Cam over at The Celiac Project Podcast. I think this was my fourth or fifth time on the show and I’m always happy to be back. These guys are the best and if you aren’t listening to their podcast, you should be! They are both living with celiac disease and share up-to-date information that is interesting for our gluten-free community. I love their banter, their honesty, and their personal anecdotes of living with celiac.

In this episode, we share many tips including planning a gluten-free trip plus smart first steps to take while traveling when newly diagnosed with celiac.  We also share some of the ways to keep moving forward if you get glutened on a trip. If you read my Paris post, you know it happens to even us celiac veterans.

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