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April 2018 Gluten-Free Travel News and Updates

March was a unexpectedly busy travel month. I kicked off March with a last minute trip to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. My husband and I literally booked the trip on Thursday and took off on Tuesday. Have you ever planned a trip in four days or less?

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
My daily view San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

After a VERY relaxing short week on the beach in Mexico, I was home for a week before jetting off to New York City. I thought I might be going to NYC, but I booked my ticket while in Mexico. This was a first for me. Usually I wait until I at least land in my home state before booking my next trip.

In typical New York style, the weather was beautiful the first day I was there and three days later there was a blizzard. Welcome to Spring in NYC!

Snowy days in New York City
Exactly two weeks after Mexico in New York City

I ended the month with a beautiful hike in Livermore, CA. While I’ve been to Livermore when volunteering with Camp Celiac, it’s always been in the summer when the hills are brown and there is a daily risk of forest fires. This hike was so beautiful. The hills were lusher than I had ever seen them before!

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve
Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in Livermore, CA


April is a big month for me too. I have a milestone birthday on April 9th. (Any guesses?!) And then I am jetting off to Wisconsin to see my sister and my favorite humans in the world, my twin nieces and nephew. I haven’t seen them since August and that is far too long to go without seeing my faves. I already have two trips planned in May so I am thinking I should just take it easy at the end of April and enjoy spring in California.

Gluten-Free Globetrotter Facebook Live Q&A
Gluten-Free Globetrotter Facebook Live Q&A

BIG NEWS! I am hosting my very first Facebook live Q&A on May 2, 2018. Join me as I answer all of your gluten-free travel questions. I will also share my top gluten-free travel tips, what to pack, and so much more. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to submit them ahead of time either via Facebook message or email.

RSVP today! 

Gluten-Free Travel News

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