Gluten-Free Soy Sauce in Space

Little Soya Gluten-Free Soy Sauce
Little Soya Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

No, the title of this post is not a joke! I laughed too when I wrote it but this is serious stuff. Today at 7:44pm EDT, Little Soya will be the first gluten-free soy sauce launched into space on the European Space Agency’s, Ariane 5 ES rocket. This is bringing gluten-free travel to a whole new level!

I have been a fan of Little Soya Soy Sauce ever since I first discovered the brand. Little Soya is gluten-free, has no MSG added, has lower sodium than premium soy sauce, and has the cutest packaging ever. I don’t use soy sauce often, but I keep a few of these packages in my desk at work and in my kitchen cabinet. These Little Soya “fish” travel very well and are the perfect single serving size.

While I am not a TSA expert, I believe that if you toss a few of these in your quart-sized, liquid carry-on bag, they should be fine going through security. Each individual serving is less than one ounce which well-below the three ounce restriction. These are the perfect travel condiment!

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According to Little Soya,

“Ideal for zero gravity conditions, Little Soya will be sending their award-winning single-serve re-sealable fish-shaped soy sauce packets into space. For years, astronauts have had to deal with traditional product packaging that can potentially lead to messy situations in a zero gravity environment. That is until, two years ago, when Gary Murphy, founder and CEO of Little Soya, received a phone call from Vickie Kloeris. As the manager of the NASA Space Food Systems Laboratory, Vickie told Gary that one of their astronauts had recently come down from the space station and complained that when he opened a soy sauce packet in space, it would spew everywhere. Kloeris had therefore been tasked with finding a solution to the soy sauce problem on the ISS. When Kloeris received a call from the wife of an astronaut who had discovered Little Soya at her local H-E-B grocery store, she reached out to Gary. She requested samples and said it would take about six months of testing – and after two years of patiently waiting, Little Soya was approved for launch.”

You can learn more about Little Soya on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. You can also follow the hashtags #LittleSoyaNSpace and #SoyaNSpace for the latest launch news!

Safe gluten-free travels, Little Soya. Do us Celiac folks proud in Outer Space! 

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