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Gluten-Free Options at NYC Restaurant Week 2014

NYC Restaurant Week 2014
NYC Restaurant Week 2014

Next week is the start of the Summer 2014 Restaurant Week in New York City. This is a chance for you to dine at one of your favorites or wish-list restaurants at a discounted price. The menus during Restaurant Week are usually limited to those of us gluten-free customers. This year, I did some research on who is offering gluten-free Restaurant Week menu options. I emailed almost all of the RW participants and have included their responses below. In my opinion, it is only worth going to Restaurant Week if you have more than one gluten-free choice! Given that, I have included the restaurants that have a decent gluten-free options on their prix fixe menus. I chose not to include the restaurants that said “Sure” (yet seemed totally clueless when I asked which dishes), “yes, of course,” (and then the menu was all sandwiches), or “not at all” to make your choices easier

I highly suggest making your reservations TODAY! Restaurant Week is very popular and tables are filled quickly. As with any dining experience, please call ahead to make a reservation and alert the staff of your gluten-free dietary restrictions. You can also use to make your reservations at many of the restaurants below. When using OpenTable, you will create a user profile and can indicate directly in your reservation that you must eat gluten-free. Read more about OpenTable here.

When you arrive at the restaurant, be sure to remind the manager and your server about your gluten-free request. It is up to you to ask about ingredients and preparation in the kitchen. Gluten-Free Globetrotter is NOT responsible for your food choices at any restaurant. 

Did you have any great gluten-free meals during Restaurant Week 2014? Tag your Tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts with #GFNYCRW so we can follow you!


NYC Restaurant Week
July 21 – August 15, 2014*
$25 Lunches & $38 Dinners
Enjoy special three-course, prix-fixe meals at participating restaurants.
*Saturdays excluded, Sundays optional.

Please click on links below for menus and for participation by restaurant. Restaurants are in alphabetical order. To find addresses and contact information for all restaurants participating in RW 2014, visit NYCgo.

Ai Fiori
“Apps- can all be done GF, and served with GF bread if desired. GF pasta can be subbed for Taglitelle, chicken is GF. And Panna Cotta is GF from dessert menu.”

“For the lunch menu, both apps are gluten-free, the bucatini can be substituted w gluten-freepasta and the chocolate semifreddo is gluten-free. For the dinner menu, all apps are gluten-free, the bucatini can be substituted with  gluten-free pasta and the chocolate semifreddo is gluten-free. ”

“Many of our RW menu is gluten free, which is great! For the first course, the petite salad greens and heirloom tomato gazpacho can be done gluten free. For the main course– the grilled free range chicken and the summer vegetable risotto are both gluten free. Both of our desserts are gluten free as well!”

Bar Eolo: Sicilian Kitchen & Wines
I’m the chef/owner here and am strictly gluten-free myself, so its very important to me to offer wheat-free dining options at my restaurants. On this summer’s restaurant week menu, most of the appetizers and entrees will be gluten free (or can be made as such) and all of the pastas are offered with gluten-free rice pasta for an additional $2. We also have gluten free bread and dessert options. ~Chef Melissa Muller Daka”

Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse
“Starting with the lunch menu: For the appetizer, the mixed green salad, tomato & onion salad are gluten free but the soup of the day can vary. For the entrée, the filet mignon medallions (ask for no sauce), Ben & Jack’s burger (ask for no bun), grilled Norwegian wild salmon, and grilled chicken over mixed green are gluten free. Our desserts for the lunch menu are not gluten-free. For the dinner menu, the mixed green salad, thick slice of sizzling Canadian bacon are gluten-free and again, the soup varies on the day. For the entrée, our prim sirloin steak, filet mignon medallions, roasted half chicken, and grilled filet of Norwegian wild salmon are all gluten free. The side dishes are served with mashed potatoes and steam broccoli but for a Gluten-free alternative the mashed potatoes may be substituted with steamed or sautéed spinach.”

Bread & Tulips
“Apart from the meatballs and the Pasta, all the other items are Gluten-free.”

Benchmark Restaurant
“80% of our menu is gluten-free. The only items containing gluten on our menu would be the pork turnover and the cookie dough eggroll.”

Cafe Boulud
“Lunch menu: Arugula Salad, Maine Shrimp Ceviche, Cucumber Gazpacho (without the brioche croutons), Skate Wing Grenobloise, Pan Seared Hanger Steak, Passion Fruit Semi-Freddo (remove raspberry biscuit), Buttermilk Panna Cotta.”

Cafe Centro
“On the dinner menu, these items are gluten free: Watermelon Gazpacho with cucumber, mint & extra virgin olive oil, Cold Poached Atlantic Salmon with cucumber & melon salad, dill aioli, Flat Iron Steak au Poivre with mustard greens, pomme puree and sauce au poive. Chef Ted Rozzi assured me that many of the dishes can be made gluten free if the diner requests and he is always happy to make substitutions including gluten-free pasta to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions.”

Casa Nonna
“Here are the Restaurant Week menu items that are gluten-free. For dinner: Grilled peach salad; Salmon Crudo; Porchetta; Sirloin (with no corn cake); Torchio Pasta (can be made with GF pasta); Snapper (can be made GF); Prosecco Granita. For Lunch: Watermelon Salad; Soup; Zucchini carpaccio ; Pork tenderloin; Razza Skate; Prosecco Granita.”

“At Costata, all the apps can be made GF- again, just serving spread without the actual crostini. The Sirloin is GF, and the pasta can be subbed. We are happy to sub in gelato/sorbet for desserts if GF customer requests.”

“Gluten-free items include: Gazpacho de Coco, Pepino, Melon y Langosta; Taquitos de Chilorio; Pollo en Nogada; Tacos de Chicharron de Pancita; and Sorbets.”

Davio’s Manhattan (Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu)
“Our lunch and dinner menus can all be done gluten free except for the desserts.”

Etcetera Etcetera
“Gluten-free options include: Mixed field green salad with house dressing and shaved parmigiano reggiano; Minestrone soup with pesto; Risotto with seasonal vegetables and parmigiano fondue; Selection of ice creams and sorbets- GF with out the little cookie garnish. We can offer the handmade gluten free gnocchi with choice of seasonal vegetables, tomato sauce or bolognese sauce or tagliatelle pasta for an additional $4.; The handmade gluten free tagliatelle; gnocchi is offered on our a la carte menu is made in house.”

Fig and Olive
“Lunch: Beef Carpaccio, Chicken Tajine (without couscous), Paella Del Mar, Filet Mignon Salad, Chocolate pot de creme (without the praline financiers). Dinner: Melone & Burrata, Fig & Olive Salad, Salmon Tartar, Truffle risotto, Chicken Tajine (without couscous), Riviera Salmon, Petite Filet Mignon, Chocolate pot de creme (without the praline financiers)”

Fishtail by David Burke
“The following are gluten-free: Simple Green Salad; Roasted Branzino; and Summer Fruit & Sorbet. In addition, the below items can be made gluten free with a few simple substitutions: Tuna Crudo – order without the mustard soy;  Steak Frites – order sans fries; and Steamed Black Bass – order without lotus chips.”

General Assembly (Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu)
“Many of our dishes are naturally Gluten Free. If you take a look at the attached menus you will notice the Gazpacho, salads, dips, sorbet, (un-breaded/fried) fish are all gluten free foods.”

Gluten-free options are noted on the menu.

Hardings NYC
“Gluten-free on our menu: Tomato soup without the bread. Romaine salad without croutons. Branzini, chicken. Desserts we can do sorbet!”

Kefi Restaurant
“We do offer GF options on our Restaurant Week menu, we offer GF pasta (Jovial brown rice pasta, 100% organic) and GF pita for all of our sandwiches (GFL Foods All Natural Gluten Free Pita Bread). ”

Kin Shop
“Although the menu will change throughout Restaurant Week, we will continue to provide gluten-free options for our diners. Current gluten-free menu items include: Raw Kale Salad, Steamed Bouchot Mussels, Sautéed Skate Wing, Stir Fried Pork Cheeks, Coconut Rice Pudding, Mango Sundae”

Left Bank
“All our appetizers are gluten-free, just ask to take out the crouton in the provencal fish soup and the toast in the steak tartare. For entrees the gluten-free options are: iron roast split chicken, seared hake, bavette steak. For dessert, we can offer ice cream with chocolate sauce (the profiteroles without the pastry).

Les Halles – Both locations: Park and Downtown
“All of the options are gluten free with the exception of the boneless ribs.”

Lexington Brass
“All of our restaurant week menu items are gluten free except the kale mac and cheese, chocolate cake and cheesecake. However these three items can be modified to be gluten free upon request!”

Maloney & Porcelli
“We offer GF options. However, for those with an allergy, we always recommend letting your server know, as preparations can change slightly.”

“The only entrée that is not gluten free is the Pechuga Pollo. ”

Maze by Gordon Ramsey
I was informed that the entire Restaurant Week menu for MAZE is in fact gluten free.  

Michael’s Restaurant
“All of our appetizers are 100% gluten free. The chilled shrimp salad and wild striped bass are gluten-free, the burger is not. Our desserts can be made 100% gluten free, if the guest inform the servers.”

Opia Restaurant
“The Restaurant Week menu is entirely gluten-free with the exception of the Tarte Fine Au Chocolat on the dessert menu.”

Pera NYC
“All appetizers are gluten-free. For the Mediterranean Dip Trio cucumber will be served in place of lavash chips. For the spice roasted lamb ribs, no lavash bread. Entrees: Fresh Lamb Adana without the lavash bread; chicken brochette without the lavash bread, pan-roasted Mediterranean dorade, and sliced sirloin steak frites. Dessert: daily selection of ice cream and sorbets.”

“This menu will not be presented but can be adjusted with the following suggestions:  Appetizers:  Steamed Bouchot Mussels with andouille sausage & fennel (ask for no garlic bread crumbs); Local Bibb Salad with plum, almond, pecans, pecorino & bee pollen vinaigrette; Chilled Cucumber Soup with hot peppers, greek yogurt, summer melon, mint & ras el hanout. Entrees: Roasted All Natural Chicken with peaches, radicchio. snap peas, paprika quinoa & natural jus (Make sure to ask for quinoa instead of barley!); Grilled Mahi-Mahi with carrot, green chickpeas, asparagus & kaffir lime aioli; Roasted Farm Raised Mushrooms with bamboo risotto, arugula & vegemite cherry ‘bordelaise’; Lime Panna Cotta with jalapeño caramel, puffed amaranth, watermelon sorbet; Selection of Ice Creams & Sorbets. We are always flexible with our guests.  One item to note on our regular menu is the crispy mussel salad, that is done gluten free with rice flour.  I think that is a fun option since it can be tricky to find items that are fried.”

Pranna Restaurant
“The following menu items are gluten free and are on our Restaurant Week Menu: Lamb Boti Kabab (Marinated Boneless Lamb, Ginger, Mint Chutney), Vegetable Massaman Curry (Potato, Long Beans), and Chicken Tikka Masala (Tomatoes, Ginger, Yogurt, Toasted Spices). Unfortunately, there are no dessert options.”

Ristorante Morini
“Anything from Ristorante Morini’s menu can be made gluten free. It’s just a matter of taking the crostino off the salad. Calamari can be made without breadcrumbs. Zuppa is gluten-free. Maccherone can be made with GF pasta, Chicken and Cod are GF. And the meringue can be made without the lady fingers.”

Rock Center Cafe (Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu)
“We do offer a number of gluten-free options on our restaurant week menus:
Lunch: Appetizers: Chilled Gazpacho Soup Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Avocado Cream; Roasted Golden Beet “Ravioli” Herbed Goat Cheese; Organic Mixed Greens Cherry Tomatoes, Sherry Vinaigrette. Entrees: Frittata Caprese Tomato, Mozzarella, Fresh Herbs; Seared Boston Blue Cod Summer Bean Salad.
Dinner: Appetizers: Chilled Gazpacho Soup Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Avocado Cream; Today’s Soup (this depends on the day’s recipe); Organic Mixed Greens Cherry Tomatoes, Sherry Vinaigrette. Entrees: Seared Chicken Paillard Tomato, Arugula Salad; Petite Filet Black Angus Beef, Tuscan Sweet Potato and Yukon Gold Gratin, Cabernet Wine Sauce;  Atlantic Salmon (can request a substitution for the farro salad for dietary restrictions). For dessert at lunch or dinner, one can request our housemade ice cream or sorbet.”

Rocking Horse Cafe
“We have an extensive list of gluten-free items on our regular menu as well as the NYC Restaurant Week 2014 menu. These RW items are gluten-free: Budin Azteca; Tacos de Dorado; Vegetales en Pipian Verde; Bistec con Serranos y Limo; Pescado de Salpicon y Vegetale; Mole Michoacan; Carne Guisado; and Tortita de Chocolate.”

Rosa Mexicano (Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu)
“All the appetizers from the RW Lunch and RW Dinner menu are Gluten Free. In addition, all the entrees from the RW Dinner menu entrees are Gluten Free. All the RW Lunch menu entrees are, except for the Caesar Salad. ”

Sant Ambroeus
“Almost our entire restaurant week menu is gluten-free. The chef orders this amazing gluten-free pasta, which he can substitute for the tagliatelle and trofie upon request. The only dish which has gluten is the Panzanella Estiva.”

Socarrat Paella Bar – Nolita
“All the paellas except for the Fideua (noodle paella) are gluten-free. The same goes for the choices of tapas or appetizers that were chosen for the restaurant week menu. All three are gluten-free. The dessert it is not gluten-free, but if you ask the manager he/she will substitute it for a flan, which it is gluten-free.”

Stella 34 Trattoria
“On the lunch and dinner menus, these items are gluten free: · Chilled Corn Gazpacho with peekytoe crab, basil and chili oil; Sauteed Summer Beans with romano, wax, cranberry and green beans, garlic, basil and Parmigiano reggiano; Costoletta di Maiale which is a wood-oven roasted pork chop with wilted escarole and mostarda di Cremona; The Merluzzo may be made gluten free by omitting the herb crust which has bread crumbs in it. The cod is served with a trevio salad and lemon vinaigrette; Vivoli Gelato many of Vivoli of Florence’s gelatos and sorbets are gluten free which can be enjoyed by any and all. As always, please be sure that guests make a note of their allergy and/or dietary restriction when making a reservation.”

“We offer a custom gluten free menu on a daily basis and our Restaurant Week menus follow suit with a selection gluten free dishes. During lunch gluten free guests can enjoy the Old Fashioned Seviche, Kuromitsu Glazed Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps; Quinotto Andino, Crispy Seared Salmon, Samba Sushi Plate (can be made gluten-free upon request!); Housemade Ice Cream and Sorbet. During dinner, gluten free options include the Old Fashioned Seviche, Salt and Pepper Squid; Quinotto Andino, Samba Sushi Plate (can be made gluten-free upon request!), Rock Fish a la Plancha (can be made gluten-free upon request!), Skirt Steak and Housemade Ice Cream and Sorbet.”

“We absolutely have gluten-free options for Restaurant Week. For the first course, the gazpacho and salad are gluten-free. For the second course at lunch, the fish and paella, which is rice, are both gluten-free. For the second course at dinner, all 3 options are gluten-free. For third/dessert course, the flan is gluten-free.”

The Americano
“The following items on our restaurant week menu are gluten free: Fish tacos, watermelon salad, Roated Pork Loin, Organis Chicken (The grain salad is substituted for a quinoa salad), coffee flan and the sorbet.”

The Lambs Club
“Gluten-Free Lunch Courses: Arugula & Asian Pear Salad – Parmigiano Reggiano, Pickled Ramps, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Steak Tartare – Spanish Capers, Mustard Seed, Button Mushroom; Omelet – Wild Mushrooms, Swiss Chard, Gruyere. Gluten-Free Dinner Courses: Arugula & Asian Pear Salad – Parmigiano Reggiano, Pickled Ramps, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Steak Tartare – Spanish Capers, Mustard Seed, Button Mushroom; Italian Burrata – Snow Pea & Hazelnut Salad, Duck Prosciutto; Roasted Breast of Amish Chicken – Wapsie Valley Polenta, Haricots Verts, Sweet Corn, Tarragon Chicken Jus.”

The Mercer Kitchen
“Gluten free options for Restaurant Week One and Restaurant Week Three: Appetizer: Fennel Carpaccio with Sesame and Crème Fraiche; Mesclun Salad with Endive (Can substitute Lemon Vinaigrette for Soy-Truffle Vinaigrette). Entree: Slowly Baked Salmon, Tuscan Kale, Greenmarket Radishes, Red Verjus; Free Range Chicken Breast, Creamed Sweet Corn, Scotch Bonnet Sauce.
Gluten free options for Restaurant Week Two and Restaurant Week Four: Appetizer: Greenmarket Baby Beets with Mozzarella and Wasabi; Mesclun Salad with Endive (Can substitute Lemon Vinaigrette for Soy-Truffle Vinaigrette); Entree: Free Range Chicken Breast, Charred Radicchio, Balsamic Vinaigrette; Our Mercer Burger, which is a selection on all four weeks, can be easily made gluten free by omitting the bun and crunchy red onions. Our dessert selections for restaurant week, which have flour, can be substituted for fresh fruit sorbets.”

The Sea Grill
Appetizers: Long Island Fluke Ceviche, ogo, cilantro, ponzu; Flash Fried Rock Shrimp, ramen noodle salad. Entrees: Jumbo Mexican Shrimp a la Plancha, ajillo, braised organic chickpeas; Grilled Whole Branzino (for 2), grilled summer vegetables, lemon olive oil; Sucking Pig Confit, corn succotash, chorizo, salsa verde; Desserts: New York Cheesecake, local strawberries, strawberry Bellini sorbet; Crisp Meringue, Bing cherries, whipped dark chocolate ganache. Note:The cheesecake that we are currently serving on The Sea Grill menu is crustless, and thus gluten-free.”

The View Restaurant and Lounge
“Gluten-free: Marcona Almond Gazpacho; Heirloom Tomato Salad; Steamed Sea Bass; Grilled Hanger Steak; Baked Vidalia Onion / quinoa, spinach, romesco sauce; Passion Fruit Exotic Mousse / pineapple sorbet. Please note that we have gluten free dinner rolls available and all of our sauces are made in house and are gluten free.”

Tribeca Grill
“All the items on the Restaurant Week menu besides the Penette dish and the desserts are gluten-free. Guests can also request that the Penette dish be made with Tribeca Grill’s gluten-free pasta. Our daily selection of Ice creams, sorbets, and our crème brulee are alternate options for someone who is gluten-free.” Check with your server!

“Gluten-free RW menu items: Garden salad with parmigiano house dressing; Roasted red beet carpaccio with caprino cheese; Chilled Cucumber & tomato soup with smoked Paprika oil; Salmon: sesame seeds, horseradish sour cream; Rosemary roasted lamb on grilled white polenta; Sorbets, ice creams.”

“Our gluten-free menu appetizers are the Pomodori or the Salmone. The gluten-free entrees are Gamberi or Filetto. The panna cotta dessert is gluten-free.”


If you are a restaurant that has gluten-free options during New York City Restaurant Week 2014, I would love to hear from you! Please email me here.

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