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I was poking around on TripAdvisor last weekend and noticed there was a thread about bringing gluten-free bread to Dubai. I always travel with my own gluten-free food, but have never been to a part of the world where I thought they might confiscate my gluten-free food. I responded to the thread that maybe a doctor’s note as well as a copy of the prescription for the gluten-free food might be helpful when traveling to the Middle East.

This post got me thinking about a city and a country that I know very little about. I have to be honest that since most of my travel is solo, I am wary about going to the Middle East alone as a woman. There is so much I want to see and do in this world, but this part of the world hasn’t been very high on my list especially in the past few tumultuous months. But I digress.

Is gluten-free in the United Arab Emirates doable? Are there dining options as well as places to purchase gluten-free groceries? I started doing some research and here are some exciting links I found.

Delicious in Dubai – Gluten Free Cakes: Homemade cookies and cakes made to order and delivered right to your door.

Organic Foods and Cafe: a family-run organic supermarket and cafe with two locations in Dubai.

Carboholix Trading: an online shop and market featuring low carbohydrate foods, including gluten-free options.

Gluten-Free UAE: “Hoping to help all those living gluten-free in the United Arab Emirates.” This is a really great blog started by expat Linda Forster, a mother of a Celiac daughter. This website also seems to co-sponsor gluten-free monthly events at Organic Foods and Cafe.

Gluten-free featured in Time Out Dubai:short article featuring Gluten-Free UAE.

Divalicious in Dubai: Mostly recipes, but a few tips on where to buy gluten-free ingredients in Dubai.

P.F. Chang’s: Located in the Dubai Mall, they offer a gluten-free menu but according to Gluten-Free UAE they do not have a separate kitchen so it is not as safe as the United States

Milk & Honey: A gourmet grocer that sells a wide variety of organic foods, gluten-free snacks, nuts and seeds, and so much more. They accept credit cards and even deliver!

Have you been on a gluten-free trip to Dubai or other cities in the UAE? Any tips you want to share?

4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free in Dubai”

  1. I found eating gluten free in Dubai relatively easy. They were very accommodating. All the restaurants we ate at were able to accommodate coeliacs and most offered gluten free bread. If anything, some were a little over cautious but if you speak to your waiter and check ingredients yourself they are more than helpful. Everywhere we went had such good service that they all did their best to be as accommodating as possible.

  2. I have gone gluten free in Dubai and find it a challenge when you want something quick to eat but all in all it is not that difficult. There are more and more grocery items available, although you have to do your homework beforehand to know where to shop. Top restaurants such as Asado, at The Palace, offer gluten free bread (just ask for it when they bring you the bread basket) and most restaurants will make your dish the way you want it – just ask!

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