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Gluten-Free Globetrotting Over to Europe

ParisandBerlinFriends, where did October go?  I blinked and it was November! October was a busy month full of new projects, changing seasons, and planning for my next big trip.

Next week, I am hopping on a plane to Europe for the first time in more than three years. Living in California since January 2016, Europe seemed so far away. Now that I am back living in New York City, it seems much more accessible with much shorter flights!

This is the first time I will ever be outside of the country for Thanksgiving, which is a bit of a strange feeling. I do have a good excuse for missing this American holiday, as I am going to Paris and Berlin! I haven’t been to Paris in more than three years and it will be my first time in Germany outside of the airport. Plus, we have family in Paris and family friends in Berlin so it will be a bit like celebrating with family from the US (minus the turkey and gluten-free stuffing!)

While planning for eating gluten-free in Paris seems much easier than it was last there, it looks like Berlin is going to be more of a challenge. Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, I have connected with a few women living with celiac disease in Berlin. I always look for the celiacs as they are the ones that are living the gluten-free life for medical reasons. Sometimes, I feel like gluten-free by choice instagrammers are a dime a dozen these days and their recommendations are iffy at best!

I have been building my list of places to eat based on blogs, Tweets, Instagram posts, Trip Advisor recommendations, and international smartphone apps. When I am given the name of a restaurant that serves gluten-free food, I research and then research some more to see if more than one person with celiac disease has had a positive experience at that location. If I read about people getting “glutened” or ill more than once, I cross that place off my list. If I know anything from my lifelong experiences of traveling with celiac disease, it’s that I do NOT want to get sick away from home. It’s the worst!

Now that I am almost done building my restaurant map, I need to start building my tourist list! I’ve been so busy researching where to eat, I almost forgot that between meals I might actually want to do some sightseeing!

What should I see, do, experience in Paris and Berlin? Any top tips or places I mustn’t miss? Leave your comments below!







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