Gluten-Free Globetrotter January 2018 Travel Roundup

Happy 2018. Here's to a year full of gluten-free travel!
Happy 2018. Here’s to a year full of gluten-free travel!

My January kicked off to a great start with lots of travel both near and far. I rang in the new year in San Diego and rounded off the month with a trip back home to New York. I traveled close to 7,000 miles this month! I hope this is an indication of the adventures to come in 2018.

Read on to see where I went and what I ate in January.

My January Travels

Southern California road trip: I started the new year with a road trip to San Diego to see friends and family. Along the way, I made a rather interesting stop in Solvang, CA at Ostrichland USA which was an ostrich and emu farm. It was definitely a unique experience feeding some rather feisty ostriches. We spent time in La Jolla, Rancho Bernardo, and in downtown San Diego. It was a great long weekend filled with laughs and feathers.

Where I ate: 2Good2B Bakery and Cafe, Rancho Bernardo, CA; 100% gluten-free

Ostrichland USA
Ostrichland USA


Orlando, Florida: I spent the second week of January in Orlando for a work trip. While everyone kept suggestion wonderful gluten-free friendly places to eat in Disney, I only left the airport hotel once. The hotel is literally inside the airport terminal so my food options were rather limited. Oh and the conference food was just nasty. Thank goodness I pack gluten-free snacks!

Believe it or not, there is a pool right next to the runways at the Hyatt Orlando Airport!
Believe it or not, there is a pool right next to the runways at the Hyatt Orlando Airport!

San Francisco: This year, I plan on keeping track of how many times I go to San Francisco. My first trip to SF this year was for the Winter Fancy Food Show. I always love to check out new brands, catch up with old gluten-free friends, and eating my way through the show.

New York City: I rounded off January with a week-long trip to NYC. This trip was really great because I got to catch up with many friends and family across Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn ,and Queens. The highlight of my day was a jam-packed day in Manhattan seeing my favorite parks, walking from midtown to downtown, and having coffee with Hannah from GF Guru. It was a chilly day, but I had so much fun in my favorite city. I also wandered around my old neighborhoods in both Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens which got me a little weepy with nostalgia.

Where I ate/drank: Springbone (100% GF), Senza Gluten (100% GF), Eataly Downtown, Bare Buns Bakery (100% GF), Ovelia

Gluten-Free Globetrotter in NYC
Gluten-Free Globetrotter in NYC

Not much planned yet for February except a gluten-free food crawl in San Francisco with one of my best friends (who also has celiac!) and my husband’s birthday. I’m thinking another road trip is necessary to help him celebrate.

Where are you off to this February? 

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