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Gluten-Free Globetrotter in Santa Cruz, CA

Hiking in Santa Cruz, California
Hiking in Santa Cruz, California

2016 has been quite the whirlwind. Moving from New York City to Santa Cruz, California is a difference as big as night and day. Life here on the left coast moves slower but is sunnier and warmer than winters in NYC which I cannot complain about at all. I do NOT miss the cold winters in New York, but I do miss New York. A LOT! I miss the convenience of having everything you need within a few blocks of your apartment. I miss all kinds of gluten-free friendly food day and night. I miss my friends and family.

Dolphins and whales in Monterey Bay
Dolphins and whales in Monterey Bay

On the flip side, Santa Cruz is gorgeous. The ocean, the redwoods, the hiking, biking, and walking… it’s so beautiful. Every day, I am so thankful I landed in a location that has so much natural beauty to explore. I recently bought the Golden Poppy Pass for the California State Park system and I am so excited to explore this spring and summer. I’ve been whale watching and saw hundreds of dolphins and at least six whales. I am going kayaking in a protected nature reserve that is teeming with baby otters. To say I am taking full advantage of the natural world of Santa Cruz would be an understatement.

Biking in Capitola, CA

I am also keeping busy building my west coast clientele for my GlutenFreelancer consulting business and starting a new celiac support group. If you are local, I encourage you to join Santa Cruz Celiac on Facebook. I hope to have our first event during the US Celiac Awareness Month in May.

I am staying active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and hope you visit me there as I get this blog back up and running. Drop me a line and let me know you are still reading Gluten-Free Globetrotter! Miss you all. xo

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5 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Globetrotter in Santa Cruz, CA”

    Gluten free food is a huge challenge here! Hopefully the beauty of our State will help.
    I live in Contra Costa County which is inland from you.
    If you get to Davis, Check out the “Farmers Kitchen Café”! It is totally GF.
    They plan to start shipping soon.
    Email me if you want to chat!

  2. Hi Erin hope you are well and settled in ,we have just returned from Rome ,just letting you know that most of the Restaurants did gluten free meals especially near the Vatican and the hotel we stayed in provided a gluten free breakfast,next year we are visiting San Francisco can you email me any restaurants that will do gluten free meals ,going to New York in December and I have a list already ,wishing you well Stephen and Ann .

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