Gluten-Free Bakeries More Popular Than Ever

Gluten-free bakeries seem to be in their prime right now. Every day a new story comes across my desk announcing a new gluten-free bakery opening in cities across the globe! Baked goods seem to be one of the top things people miss when they go gluten-free. With delicious options from gluten-free bakeries, you do not need to feel deprived any longer. Put on your walking shoes, stretchy pants, and explore these gluten-free bakeries!

New York City: Gluten-Free Bakeries

Philadelphia: A gluten-free bakery boom

Boston: Round-Up of Gluten-Free Bakeries in Boston

Washington, DC: Allergy-Friendly Bakeries In The Metro DC Area

North Carolina: Raleigh-Durham Bakeries, Charlotte Bakeries, and Greensboro & Winston-Salem Bakeries

New Jersey: Gluten-Free Bakeries in NJ

Portland, OR: Where to Live the Gluten-Free Good Life in Portland (notably missing Petunia’s Pies and Pastries

Washington: Gluten-Free Bakeries in Washington (State)

Toronto: The Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Toronto

Paris: Let them eat gluten-free cake

London: London’s Best (mostly gluten free) Cupcakes

Madrid: Three GF Bakeries in Madrid

As with any restaurant or bakery, please call ahead to make sure the location is still open! 

Does your city have a list of gluten-free bakeries? Let me know and I will add it to this round-up

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