Gluten-Free Globetrotter is Heading to the UK

uk-statewise-mapGluten-Free Globetrotter is hopping across the pond for a 10-day trip in the United Kingdom, specifically Wales and Scotland.

I am very excited about my upcoming trip to Wales and Scotland for a number of reasons but I am most excited because I am traveling with my mom on this trip. If you read my blog, you will know that most of my trips are solo. This time, I am going with a great travel partner. My mother and I traveled through Italy in 2009 and had an amazing time. She is one of those travel companions that you can compromise with if you are torn between two different destinations, gives you space if you need it, and is always on the look out for gluten-free food for little ol’ me. (She is a gluten-free pro by now since I was diagnosed with Celiac in 1981!) We had been talking about this trip for about a year but only made our final plans within the last month. This is typical trip planning time for me. Fast and furious and usually last minute. Some people plan trips for years, not me.

We are flying into Heathrow and then quickly transporting ourselves via coach to Cardiff, Wales for two days. From there, we will travel up to Glasgow for a couple of days and then over to Edinburgh for the remainder of our trip with a day trip to the Scottish Highlands.

As with all of my trip planning, I do a ton of research on safe, gluten-free friendly places to eat. This trip has been a breeze so far in terms of finding places online with gluten-free menus. Also, people on Twitter have been a HUGE help in pointing me in the right direction of where to eat once I arrive. Compared to planning my last trip to Thailand where most websites were in Thai, this has been easy. Additionally, the Twitter friends I have made as well as the restaurant managers I have already communicated with have been especially friendly. Everyone wants to help and I am eager for them pointing me in the right direction.

I have created my Google Maps of each city, have downloaded some Great Britain apps, and have bookmarked restaurants that I want to dine out while in Wales and Scotland. Do you have any recommendations on where to eat while I am there?

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Globetrotter is Heading to the UK”

  1. You’re right, compared to Thailand, the UK is much easier for gluten free travel. I don’t know about many restaurants, but Asda and Waitrose have some excellent gluten free foods. Labelling laws in the UK are very good also, so there won’t be any grey areas! Check out Gluternative for gf products. Have a lovely trip!

  2. Yes, very true–much much easier than Thailand and other places. While traveling in the UK, I found that it was easy being gluten-free, partly because people speak english! Gluten-free food is available virtually everywhere and restaurants are generally more aware of celiac. Have a wonderful time!!

  3. Wag free Bakery in Brixton village is fantastic. Also turns into gt gf Czech restaurant in the eve. All branches of Leon have gf options. Most of menu is gf Also don’t miss Vitao on Wardour st on Soho. Have other recommendations. Do get in touch, Lisa

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