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Gluten-Free in New York City
New York City as seen from Gantry Plaza State Park

I write this blog for all of the gluten-free travelers of the world. By far, my biggest request is for more information about traveling gluten-free in New York City. I am always happy when people not only have a great trip in The Big Apple, but eat safely at all of my recommendations as well as do some exploring on their own.

The most recent reader email I received was from a happy gluten-free globetrotter from Leuven, Belgium. We emailed for a long time and I provided as many gluten-free suggestions as I could think of in NYC. The reader also did some of their own research and find additional safe gluten-free restaurants to dine in and stores to shop. The email is reprinted with permission of the sender.

Day 2 of our trip to NYC and I am thrilled! I have found great foods and lots of options thanks to your help. Just one block from our hotel there is a “Garden of Eden” and they appear to have loads of gluten free stuff! A good start of my day begins here! We have visited Pip’s bakery and that was HEAVEN on earth. We ate at Gobo this afternoon and yesterday at S’mac. WAUW! Also, I can find gluten free options in every grocery store I visited until now. What a difference. Oh, how I will miss good gluten free food in Belgium from now on. Tonight we are heading for 5 napkins and Risotteria is planned for tomorrow. I’m already looking forward to this. Dining out of the house hasn’t been an easy option until now so I’m enjoying every moment!

Has my blog helped you in any way during your gluten-free travels? Drop me a note! I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Our daughter lives in the West Village and your list and map were what we used to choose places for meals during our first visit to NYC. The food was wonderful!

  2. Love these blogs as they really help. We are taking our two kids (4 &7) to USA shortly and will be visiting vegas, san francisco, Yosemite, orlando, new york etc so any info for kids outings helps here.

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