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Gluten-Free Groceries in NYC

When I travel, I always look for local produce markets, health food stores, and big chain supermarkets where I know I can find food just in case the local cuisine isn’t looking too safe for this gluten-free globetrotter. I bookmark the markets on my Google map just as I do the famous sites. This makes my life so much easier as I wander a new city hungry and desperate for food. Markets will always have fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, and yogurt which are gluten-free. If you are lucky, you will also find some gluten-free packaged food that suit your needs.

One of the questions I get most from readers is where the best place to buy gluten-free groceries is in New York City. Here are my suggestions for your gluten-free shopping needs in New York City.

Whole Foods Markets
With 7 Manhattan locations, Whole Foods Markets are a great place to stock up on produce, fresh food, and packaged gluten-free goods. Their shelves are usually clearly marked and they even offer occasional gluten-free cooking classes. With their conveniently located shops, you are bound to see a Whole Foods during your NYC adventures.

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s is my personal favorite shop. The employees are friendly, their prices are low, and they sell a number of gluten-free products. When you arrive at Trader Joe’s, ask the customer service desk for a list of gluten-free products in the store. Trader Joe’s has three locations in Manhattan and one awesome wine store near Union Square. $3.99 bottles of decent wine? Yes, please!

Now with 4 locations in Manhattan, Fairway is making a name for itself in the Big Apple. Fairways is one of those markets I can get lost in, looking at all of the interesting domestic and imported goods. They have a decent section of gluten-free packaged foods, but be sure to always check the labels. Sometimes the stocking clerks get lazy and put gluten-filled foods in the gluten-free areas. They also have an impressive selection of meats, cheeses, and coffees.

Westerly Natural Market
913 8th Ave.
This tightly-packed market with floor to ceiling shelving is a great place to find gluten-free food in the Hells Kitchen area of Manhattan. They often put gluten-free items on sale so be sure to check the circular when you go into the store. The aisles are tight so ask the staff if you need help locating anything.

Greenmarket Farmers Markets
Fruits and veggies are naturally gluten-free and these Greenmarkets around the city bring the local produce right to you. Usually set up in parks and parking lots, these Greenmarkets are a wonderful way to support the local movement while buying naturally safe food direct from the source.

Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave.
This is more than a market, this is a destination! Chelsea Market is the home to close to 30 restaurants and retail shops including an awesome imported goods store as well as a huge produce market. It is also the home to the Food Network studios and there are often celebrity sightings in the building. Chelsea Market is also only one block from my favorite park in Manhattan, The Highline, so it makes for a fun afternoon in the Meatpacking District. Definitely add Chelsea Market to your NYC itinerary if you are a foodie!

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