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Hurricane Sandy and the Gluten-Free Community

I have neglected this blog for too long. I am sorry about that, dear readers, but my recent efforts have been focused on my Gluten-Free Fun blog. I have been working tirelessly to help those with Celiac and on a necessary gluten-free diet after Hurricane Sandy ravaged our communities. You have all seen the news, so you know how horrible things are here in the tri-state area. Last night, we got blasted with the first snow of the season. Parts of already hard-hit areas accumulated up to 13 inches of snow! Everyone is reaching their breaking points. I am lucky I have never lost power and I have finally convinced my mother to come stay with me after 11 days without power, heat, or hot water. Her biggest problem was actually finding gas to come here!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you links about the storm for those of you who want to help, those of you looking for gluten-free food, and for those of you who are just curious about what is going on in NY, NJ, and CT after Hurricane Sandy.

Gluten-Free Hurricane Relief Efforts Update

Here is a summary of my posts over the past week. Information was getting a little hard to manage, so hopefully this list helps you.
Gluten-Free Hurricane Relief: How to Help
Original post of where to donate, how to help, where to volunteer, and where to find gluten-free food in the NYC areaHurricane Help from Gluten-Free Companies
A list of companies that are helping to support the hurricane relief efforts

Gluten-Free Hurricane Relief: Where to donate and find gluten-free food
Long Island
Long Island Cares
Freeport, Long Island Drop-off Center
Island Harvest

New York City/Staten Island
City Harvest
Food Bank of NYC
21st District of Queens, NY
Shop Rite in New Dorp, SI

New Jersey
Community Food Bank of NJ

Three Dogs Bakery

Hurricane Sandy: My Personal Reflections

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