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I just got back from an awesome long weekend at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. Since I spent most of my days walking the enormous expo floor and snacking endlessly on new gluten-free food, I didn’t really get to experience the gluten-free cuisine in Baltimore. I was staying in the suburbs with a dear friend from college, so we just ate out locally. (No place worth mentioning for lack of gluten-free options.)

Of course it is when I get home that I find a list of gluten-free restaurants in Baltimore, including one in Elkridge where I stayed. Prior to my mini-vacay down to Charm City, I found very little current information about living gluten-free in Baltimore. There were a few sites, but nothing that had been recently updated. Hopefully this list will help guide you on your next trip to Baltimore.

Go Gluten Free from Baltimore Magazine
By Christine Boyd

It’s been hard to miss the surge of gluten-free foods claiming valuable real estate on grocery-store shelves and even some restaurant menus lately. And pizza hasn’t been left out of the trend.

We went in search of gluten-free pizzas and found several places offering them. (Not all pizza sauces and toppings are gluten-free. Be sure to check.) Here are some pizzerias to consider.

BOP Brick Oven Pizza, 800 S. Broadway, 410-563-1600. Most BOP pizzas can be made on its gluten-free crust. Check out the “Lucky 7” white cheese, chicken feta, and “Margarita Lisa,” starting at $17.49.

Cheezy’s Pizza and Subs, 1637 E. Joppa Rd., Towson, 410-337-4992. Cheezy’s gluten-free pizza starts as a New York-style, thin-crust pie with sauce and cheese for $15.99. Customize with toppings of your choice for $1.99 each. Gluten-free breadsticks and cinnamon sticks are also available for $5.99.

Pazani Trattoria Italiana, 6060 Marshalee Dr., Elkridge, 410-540-5777. Pazani keeps it simple with a thin-crust, gluten-free pizza with sauce and cheese for $12.

Seasons Pizza, several locations, including 10010 York Rd., Cockeysville, 410-666-2660. At Seasons, wash down a gluten-free cheese pizza ($9.99 before adding your choice of toppings) with a gluten-free Redbridge beer.

Sweet Sin Cupcakes and Cafe, 123 W. 27th St., 410-464-7211. Sweet Sin offers cheese, Caprese, vegetable, and barbecue chicken pizzas ($9-11). Dairy-free pizza is also available.

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  1. Since you weren’t able to try any of these, I will give you a brief account of the “options” and my take on Sweet Sin.

    Most of the pizza places limit their gluten-free options to sauce and cheese, which my culinary mind finds atrocious. Sweet Sin does a few things like omelettes and salads reasonably well, but I went with the ambition of trying their cupcakes and was very disappointed. They were dry and unimaginative. I’ve made better cupcakes using King Arthur’s gluten-free muffin mix.

    Hopefully, if you make it back to Charm City, the options will have improved and you’ll be able to enjoy the night life.

    I hope you continue this. Gluten-free bloggers are rare. The Natural Products Expo sound like fun.

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