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A Taste of Greece in Astoria, NY

I have been living in Astoria, NY for over 6 years and I absolutely love it here. The diversity of this section of Northwest Queens is utterly amazing and makes this the most culturally-rich neighborhood I have ever lived in. With immigrants from Greece, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, India, and beyond, this makes Astoria one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of the United States. As a matter of fact, even National Geographic was so impressed with the diversity of Astoria that they kicked off a genealogical study at a local street fair.

One of the most populous ethnic groups in Astoria, NY is Greek. According to Wikipedia and various NYTimes articles, Astoria has the largest Greek population outside of Greece. You know what this means?? Some of the most delicious Greek food anywhere in the world!!

Ovelia Psistaria in Astoria, NY is one of the most delicious and authentic Greek meals I’ve had in Astoria since I moved here. I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers dinner and this meal was beyond delicious. The staff and the chef went out of their way to make a perfect gluten-free Greek meal for me. So many Greek dishes are naturally gluten-free, but Chef Peter went out of his way to make sure I could enjoy all of his dishes safely. He even let me bring in my own gluten-free BBQ sauce to enjoy some of their “Rock n’ Ribs” Wednesdays.

If you are looking for a taste of the Mediterranean only a short subway ride from Manhattan, check out Ovelia.

Ovelia Psistaria
Gluten-free Greek Food at Ovelia Psistaria

Ovelia Psistaria
34-01 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103

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  1. Ovelia is indeed delicious! For the longest time, the Queens scene was very underrated. Astoria and Long Island City have recently grown in popularity, and with due cause. The dining alone in Astoria is worth a trip from Manhattan. Figure in the art scene and skyline views, and you really can’t find much better. We’re happy to see that you share our same love for Queens–especially when it comes to the local restaurants!

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