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Guest Post: Orlando and Cruise to the Bahamas

logoOne of the perks of blogging is meeting awesome people. I met Michael Savett, author of the awesome site Gluten-Free Philly, a few years ago through blogging and Twitter. His website is an impressive bank of information about Philadelphia and beyond. Michael’s son has Celiac and his dedication to finding gluten-free food for his son is admirable. Michael and his family recently took a family trip to Orlando followed by a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. Since Orlando and all things Disney are close to the bottom of my travel list (truth, not even on it!), I asked Michael to share his stories of his summer vacation.  

Gluten-Free Philly Goes to Orlando and the Bahamas

I can’t compete with the fabulous trips that your esteemed Gluten-Free Globetrotter has taken. Thailand, Italy and the Czech Republic likely are out of reach until my wife and I become empty nesters. Until then, it’s less exotic destinations like Walt Disney World and the Caribbean islands. I’m not complaining, though, as we spent a fantastic week this summer in Orlando and the Bahamas, the latter via Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas.

As you’ll read, both Disney and Royal Caribbean excelled at gluten-free food preparation and made our 12-year-old son feel at home. At Disney, food-service managers oversee all aspects of a gluten-free order, while on Royal’s dinner menus, the many gluten-free appetizers, entrees and desserts were labeled.

Vacationers get away to enjoy themselves. Disney’s and Royal seamless accommodation of gluten-free diets make it easy for guests to do so and establish a model for other resort operators to follow.

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Gluten-Free with Disney

Although I have not been to Walt Disney World in more than 20 years, I have heard nothing but great things about traveling gluten-free in the Disney Parks. Disney encourages all guests to note their dietary restrictions at the time of booking, as well as suggest talking to chefs and managers at each of the Disney restaurants you visit during your trip.

To learn more about booking your gluten-free trip to Walt Disney World, please visit their Special Dietary Request page.