Aruba, Caribbean

Gluten-Free in Aruba

Although I had been heavily researching Panama for a winter getaway, I just couldn’t pull it together in time. Work has been stressful and I wanted something more relaxing without a lot of planning. I know if vacation planning is stressing me out, then it is just not going to be fun once I get there. I wanted quiet time away from New York City and lots of beach.

Then I remember that last year I had done some research on Aruba, so I pulled up my old notes and started checking prices. Within 2 days, I had booked my flight and hotel. Fast and furious vacation planning is what I am all about! Daily high of 84 degrees, the Caribbean sea, casinos, and cocktails sound like paradise to me. Now in less than 2 weeks, I am going on my 7th solo vacation and will spending so much needed “me time” in the sun!

Apparently this is one of my hotel views!

Building on my old notes and taking my questions to social media, I started compiling a list of places to eat in Aruba. Some restaurants keep coming up in my searches of gluten-free eating in Aruba including Yemanje Woodfire, Linda’s Dutch Pancakes, and Madame Janette’s.

Do you have any gluten-free suggestions for Aruba?