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Gluten-Free in Aruba

Although I had been heavily researching Panama for a winter getaway, I just couldn’t pull it together in time. Work has been stressful and I wanted something more relaxing without a lot of planning. I know if vacation planning is stressing me out, then it is just not going to be fun once I get there. I wanted quiet time away from New York City and lots of beach.

Then I remember that last year I had done some research on Aruba, so I pulled up my old notes and started checking prices. Within 2 days, I had booked my flight and hotel. Fast and furious vacation planning is what I am all about! Daily high of 84 degrees, the Caribbean sea, casinos, and cocktails sound like paradise to me. Now in less than 2 weeks, I am going on my 7th solo vacation and will spending so much needed “me time” in the sun!

Apparently this is one of my hotel views!

Building on my old notes and taking my questions to social media, I started compiling a list of places to eat in Aruba. Some restaurants keep coming up in my searches of gluten-free eating in Aruba including Yemanje Woodfire, Linda’s Dutch Pancakes, and Madame Janette’s.

Do you have any gluten-free suggestions for Aruba? 


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  1. Erin, I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you return. Be sure to take notes (I know you will!) and submit some reviews of the GF-friendly restaurants you find to GlutenFreeTravelSite ( ). Aruba has been on my radar for a future trip, so it would be great to have some first-hand feedback from you. If you find the island has a lot in the way of GF-friendly restaurants (and markets, resorts, etc.) to choose from, I’d love to showcase your reviews (and you/your Blog) as a Featured Review in an upcoming month. Perhaps May?

    1. Karen, I would love to be a featured review when I come back from Aruba. I have been doing my homework and although there aren’t a ton of gluten-free selections I found some interesting places I plan on checking out next week. Thanks for the comment!

    2. I tried the pizza and will not be back for that or any other GF dish they offer. The pizza I thought was good but didn’t feel well after aniteg it, but that wasn’t the main reason that will keep me from going back. When we ordered the New GF Menu Item- Bang Bang Shrimp, I double checked with our waiter to be sure it was safe to eat. He admitted to not really knowing anything about gluten free diets and went and asked the chef if the fryer was designated as gluten free. He confirmed that it is definitely not used separately and they fry all their items in the same fryer. I am gluten free and my husband is not but will often stick to the diet in support. The managers then came to the table, again not too knowledgeable about gluten free diets, they just pointed to the disclaimer on the back saying that there can be cross contamination. That doesn’t sound like a gluten free item to me I was quite surprised at the incompetence from such a large food chain. Looks like they jumped the gun on the gluten free menu and won’t be winning back all their lost customers just yet. My husband then wrote an email to the company and they have yet to replay beyond a lame generic auto-message.

  2. To add to your list- Gianni’s, Mango’s Restaurant at the Amsterdam Manor, Pago Pago at the Westin.
    Amazonia Churrascaria & Texas de Brazil- email in advance for items available.
    Over the years I have found most if not all restaurants are very eager to please special diets whether it be allergies, vegetarian or gluten free.

    1. Marina where else did you guys eat for GF for your daughter? our daughter also has celiac and we didnt really give her anything in the restaurants there so far.. we’ve been there 3times (shes almost 3) thanks!

  3. I agree, many wonderful posts and we do need more fresh, oinagrc fruit, veggies and less cupcakes. So earlier this year, I had a negative intestinal biopsy for Celiac. My doctor told me to feel free to eat wheat. He insisted it was not a problem for me, even though I told him how sick I felt when I ate it (stomach aches, weight loss, exhaustion, acid reflux, acne, etc..). Luckily, a friend informed me about the (ALCAT) blood test and it showed an Intolerance to Gluten. I do find it dishearting when the perception is that Celiac is the only serious disease associated with gluten problems. After reading a ton of material written by doctors on Celiac and Gluten Intolerance I have come to understand that Gluten Intolerance has serious long term ramifications when untreated just like Celiac (for some people it may even be a precusor to Celiac they aren’t obsolutely sure yet). Surprising to me, I have learned that Gluten is difficult for most people to digest! It is a wild grass that we only started cultivating and eating 10,000 years ago (a short time in evolution). If there is a gluten-free fad insuing, hopefully, it will ultimately heighten everyone’s awareness about how much gluten is hidden in our everyday foods and the serious diseases that can manifest in ourselves, our children and people we love as a result of it.

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