Guest Post: Gluten-Free Mrs D in Europe

The Celiac Awareness Month guest posts continue with the amazing Gluten-Free Mrs. D. Based in the UK, Gluten-Free Mrs D. is usually hopping around Europe on a wonderful gluten-free adventure. Here is a round up of some of her gluten-free tips for traveling around Europe. 

Are you planning a European vacation but worrying about how to eat gluten free while on your travels? Let these gluten free highlights be your guide to gluten free dining while travelling through Europe.

London is celebrating two major events this year with both the Queen’s 60th Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic games. Why not celebrate just being in one of the world’s most exciting cities by treating yourself to that quintessentially English tradition of Afternoon Tea? Forget the stuffy Ritz, take gluten free afternoon tea at glamorous Brown’s Hotel, The Lanesborough or even at the British Museum.

Italy may seem an unlikely place for Celiacs with all the pizza, pasta and Peroni it’s famous for but Italy genuinely is a paradise for those unable to eat gluten. A screening programme for young children has helped create a high level of understanding amongst the general population for Celiac disease and the requirements of a gluten free diet. From gluten free pizza to gluten free gelato cones and even shops which cater specifically for Celiacs, Italy truly has it all. For a selection of posts on the wonders Italy has to offer the Celiac / gluten intolerant, please click here.

One thing which particularly struck me in Vienna – after admiring the city’s impressive architecture – was just how many coffee shops and cafés the city has. Each corner of this wonderful city seemed to be blessed with a place to indulge in a very sweet treat. With many Viennese cafés able to offer gluten free cakes every bit as good as their gluten containing cousins, you really can have your cake and eat it here.

Sometimes all kids want is to be the same as other kids, Happy Meal and all. In Sweden, you could take your Celiac child to McDonalds and they can be just like anybody else eating out. In several European countries (including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Spain) the Golden Arches caters to Celiac customers with gluten free buns.

Although eating gluten free in France is often not as easy as it is in other European countries, it is absolutely possible. For example, markets all over France are interesting and colourful places to visit to check out the multitude of naturally gluten free goods on offer, much of it grown in the locality. From beautiful vegetables and fragrant fruits to fabulously stinky and delicious cheeses, every day you can enjoy a naturally gluten free picnic without feeling as though you’re missing out. Here are some tips to help you eat safely in France.

About Gluten-Free Mrs. D
Adventures of a gluten free globetrekker chronicles the life of a London girl with very itchy feet who never lets her dietary restrictions (Coeliac and almond/hazelnut allergies) prevent her from exploring. Having visited 60 countries all around the world, she’s on a mission to show that in travel, nothing is impossible with advance research and preparation.

“Life is too short to let dietary restrictions hold you back from having exciting travel adventures.”

You can also find Mrs. D on Twitter at  @GlutenFreeMrsD

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