I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Barcelona

My two passions in life are gluten-free living and traveling. (Hence the reason I started this blog.) When I am not reading gluten-free blogs/Twitter/Facebook, I am reading travel blogs/Twitter/Facebook. I love reading about and meeting bloggers that have quit their day jobs to travel the world as their full-time job. I admire “career breakers” and well-seasoned, professional travelers. I want to learn from them and one day follow in their footsteps. One of these travelers is Sherry Ott.

I first met Sherry at a MeetPlanGo event in NYC in 2010. I left this event really inspired and longing to book my next vacation, adding Sherry’s blog to my daily RSS feed immediately. Since then, I have been following Sherry’s travels around the globe through her blog Ott’s World. Her participation in the Mongol Rally was hilarious, inspiring, and scary, yet she finished it with pride. I was really excited to learn about Sherry’s next adventure to Europe trip with Go with Oh. Sherry will be living in Europe and guest blogging along the way. I’m excited to see where Sherry’s adventures take her on this next journey.
Go with Oh is a company that helps travelers in Europe find their ideal accommodations including hotels, apartments, and hostels. They are hosting a contest that I am really excited about. As a winner of this contest, the company will “put you up in their holiday rental apartments in up to FOUR European destinations” over the course of a month! In return, the winner will need to share their experiences in the European cities. This includes blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, and all other sorts of social media postings to report on the European city living.

As someone that loves to travel and is already obsessed with social media, this sounds like my dream gig! I am already writing this travel blog but winning this contest would kick it up a notch. If I won, I could take my travel writing to the next level! I think being gluten-free makes me a unique stand-out in this competition. I can explore Europe from a cultural point of view, as well as a gluten-free culinary perspective. I am sure not many gluten-free Americans would take this plunge to live in a European country for a month without having a major food panic attack. I am up for the challenge and adventure!

Without further delay, here is my entry:

My Gluten-Free Globetrotter 5-Senses Wish List:
I want to Go with Oh to Barcelona 

  • See: I want to see all things Gaudi in Barcelona including the Church of the Sacred Family, Park Güell, and Casa Batllo.
  • Smell: I want to stop and smell the 10,000 rose bushes at the Cervantes Rose Garden. Ok, well maybe not all 10,000.
  • Hear: I want to hear the cheers of a Barca Football game. Going to a European soccer match was added to my “bucket list” after watching some FIFA World Cup matches in the Astoria, NY a few summers ago. I can only imagine the hype and hysteria of being at a live game.
  • Taste: I want to taste traditional (yet gluten-free) Catalan cuisine with help from the Associacio de Celiacs de Catalunya while sipping on some sparkling cava.
  • Touch: I want to walk from the city center to Barceloneta Beach, one of the World’s Best Beaches according to Discovery Channel in 2005, and dip my toes in to the Mediterranean Sea.

Do you want to win a prize with Go with Oh ( Check out their Facebook competition to win 4 fantastic prizes.

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