Aruba, Caribbean

Supermarkets in Aruba

Call me crazy, but I like visiting supermarkets in different countries. First of all, it is an easy way to purchase naturally gluten-free products such as fruits and vegetables as well as staples like bottled water. Second of all, it gives you a interesting, local perspective of the town/city/country you are in. Whenever I build my travel maps for my location, I make sure to find at least one local supermarket to add to the map.

When doing my Aruba research, I found three supermarkets all in Oranjestad. On an island full of time-shares with kitchens, I am sure it would be helpful to have supermarkets nearby. Not really knowing how big or small Aruba was, I wasn’t sure if I could easily get to these supermarkets. As my cab drove farther and farther from the airport, I realized getting to these markets wouldn’t be as easy as I had hoped. Luckily, I got a local newspaper and saw an advertisement for Unicasa Supermarket which looked to be within walking distance of the hotel. I confirmed with my new friend Adella at the concierge desk and she said I could definitely walk there.

I never made it to Unicasa but did find Kong Fui, an Asian supermarket, also within walking distance of the highrise hotel section of Aruba and on your way to/from Linda’s Dutch Pancakes. A HUGE Asian market in the middle of the Caribbean seemed a bit out of place to me, but I went there to do some light shopping. I like to pick up things like yogurt, fruit, and juice so I have something to eat at breakfast every day. Most of the countries I have traveled to have safe produce, but be sure to check ahead of your travels to see what is safe to eat locally. I also buy diet soda or bottled water at the supermarket because it is much cheaper than the hotel vending machines or bars.

Here are the list of the supermarkets I found in Aruba. I cannot confirm if any of them actually sell gluten-free products, but they are full service supermarkets.

Blurry shot of Kong Fui
  • Kong Fui (2 locations): Palm Beach 17 and Meiveld 53
      • Interestingly, Kong Fui was a full supermarket on the first level and apparently a full department store including clothes, stationary, and electronics on the upper levels. Since I was only going for food, I never made it upstairs. 
  • Super Food (a Dutch chain on the island): L.G. Smith Blvd #156, Oranjestad with a new location coming soon closer to the high-rise hotels.
  • Ling and Sons IGA Super Center (closer to low-rise hotels) Schotlandstraat #41, Oranjestad
  • Unicasa Supermarket: Palm Beach #184
Remember, street signs are almost non-existent on Aruba so be sure to ask your hotel for directions. 

I also found this helpful list from The Aruba House although I am not sure when it was updated.