GF Travel Websites

Gluten-Free Travel Blogs

Gluten Free Traveller
Laura, a traveler with Coeliac Disease from Scotland, has lived in a variety of countries for extended periods of time and visited 49 countries to date.

Gluten Free Travel Blog
The official blog from the, a wonderful resource for gluten-free reviews of grocery stores, restaurants, and even college campuses. The site was founded by Karen Broussard, a mother of a son with Celiac Disease.

Gluten-Free Travel, by Graf!
Gluten-free resources, foods, restaurants, helpful tips, links and much more — collected all over the US and Canada since 2002.

The Traveling Foodie
A foodie from London who stopped eating gluten two years ago.

Gluten Free Kids Travel
Blogger Jen Brown has a daughter that was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008. She’s an American from Seattle by way of Salt Lake City and is currently living together with her husband, celiac daughter and infant son in Cambridge, UK. They have lived in southern China from 2005 to 2009. They (gluten-free) travel together frequently and Jen posts some really great tips about traveling gluten-free around the world.

Gluten-Free Food and Travel
Suzanne, a Celiac, lives in Scotland and loves to travel, cook, and eat out.  Her blog has recipes, tips on Edinburgh, research information, and so much more.

Gluten-Free Travel Sites

Find restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, resorts and cruise ships that accommodate gluten-free diets in any area of the world! Or search by city/town or zip and map the results. User submitted reviews.
US based site.
The Coeliac friendly guide to restaurants, pubs, cafes, and hotels. They are working with Coeliac UK, the charity dedicated to improving life for people with coeliac disease.
UK based site.

Travel Gluten Free
A website with international reviews for places to eat and stay around the world when travelling on a Gluten Free Diet.
UK based site.

Gluten-Free Passport
Explore gluten-free dining and travel resources. Books, eBooks, and smartphone apps are also for sale to help you with your gluten-free travel needs.
US based site.

GlutenFreeTravel is a division of Reho Travel, a successful retail and corporate travel agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. A quarter of gluten-free travel staff are themselves living on gluten-free diets, and all of their staff have friends or family with coeliac disease. They are very experienced and well-travelled, and they want to make it easy for you to travel too … anywhere!
Australian based site.

CeliacTravel is your source for free gluten-free restaurant translation cards in more than 50 languages. This has been my go-to website for translation cards for use in New York City, Italy, and Czech Republic over the past 3 years.
Scotland based site.

Special Gourmets
“The largest global guide of restaurants, shops, & hotels with options for gluten-free dairy-free & other allergen-free diets.”
Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese  


13 Responses to GF Travel Websites

  1. Hi Erin!

    Thank you for linking to my blog 🙂 Your website is great, and I look forward to reading more on it. It’ll be great to share gluten-free travel tips.


  2. Ana says:


    • Freddy says:

      I am the same. I hardly ever eat out anmyore and we don’t receive many invites for dinner either. The last time I went out was for my birthday and despite making it very clear to the waiting staff they still brought my dish out with biscuit crumbs on the plate. When I sent it back some of my friends made comments about how embarassing it was I on the other hand felt really annoyed because I wasn’t listened too. I will always return to places who go the extra mile to make sure my meal is safe to eat.A dear friend had a dinner party recently and her and her hubby actually borrowed books and researched everything to make dinner safe for me to eat Lovely!!!

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I just travelled through Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, and compiled a list of the gluten-free/dairy-free products I found. I hope it’s useful to fellow travellers:

    Happy Travelling!

  4. mjacklin says:

    Any tips for traveling in Turkey and Greece? I’m headed to those two countries in September.

  5. Pablo says:

    There is new mobile App: Safe GF Travel, multilingual restaurant and shop helper for gluten-free and food allergy travelers.

  6. Hi Erin! I’d love my site to be considered for the list too!
    Check it out 🙂 x

  7. Any tips for a coeliac travelling in New Zealand greatly appreciated!

  8. Love these sites! I’m a GF travel blogger myself at

  9. Cathy R says:

    Hi Erin! Just wanted to put it out there that I also have a gluten free guides section on my travel blog that I hope will be useful for people going to particular cities. These are great resources so thank you for sharing!

  10. cantstopdreaming says:

    Great list! I will definitely check these out. It’s great that so much information is available now. I also have a section of my travel blog with gluten-free travel tips too –

  11. therainbowroute says:

    I have been looking for a list like this for ages! If you’re interested, I also have a gf travel blog –

  12. Paula Brinsmead says:

    If anyone wants to see the locations they are blogging about on a map, check out our Maps for Coeliacs. You can message us in Facebook – search for Kiss My Gluten Free or email us at

    We provide full and honest attribution.

    It’s only a couple of months old and not yet suitable on a mobile device (we are working on that).

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