Gluten-Free in Portland: Bakeries, Groceries, and Food Carts

Over the past two years, I have been to Portland, Oregon eight times due to business travel. In a city whose motto is “Keep Portland Weird” there is absolutely nothing weird about being gluten-free there. It seems like dietary requests are pretty much the norm in Portland. I now have my favorite food carts, stores, and restaurants. I love walking around the city, crossing one of the many bridges by foot or bicycle, or just sitting by the waterfront. Even though I am working hard in Portland, I am also enjoying the quaint city as much as I can when I am not in the office.

I find it VERY easy to eat gluten-free in Portland. So easy, in fact, that I usually eat my way through the city and don’t have enough time to visit all of the restaurants I want to dine at during my stay. I tend to stick to the NW/SW neighborhoods of Portland due to the proximity to my office and lodging but I am curious to explore the other side of the river more in the next year.

Here is my list of top places to eat and shop gluten-free in Portland, Oregon. I’ve added an asterisk next to the locations that I have actually been to myself. I think personal recommendations go a long way, so please let me know if you have any questions! I’ve also put together both a Foursquare list of all the gluten-free places I have visited in Portland. You can find my previous Portland posts here.

Gluten-Free Groceries
Whole Foods (three locations) *
New Seasons (six locations) *
Trader Joe’s  (three Portland locations) *

Gluten-Free Bakeries
Tula Gluten-Free Bakery 100% gluten-free *
Petunia’s Pies and Pastries 100% gluten-free *
New Cascadia Traditional Bakery 100% gluten-free *
Gluten-Free Gem 100% gluten-free
Kyra’s Bakeshop (technically in Lake Oswego, OR, but close enough) 100% gluten-free *
Back to Eden Bakery 100% gluten-free
Piece of Cake Bakery GF options available
Bliss Cupcake Shop GF options available

Gluten-Free Friendly Food Carts
Whole Bowl 100% gluten-free *
Cultured Caveman 100% gluten-free *
El Pilon 100% gluten-free *
The Heart Cart
Om Nom Gluten-Free (closed until April 2014)
GF Chef
Sonny Bowl

Gluten-Free Pizza
Mellow Mushroom  *
Pizzicato Pizza *
Mississippi Pizza Pub *

My favorite gluten-free friendly restaurants coming soon!

About Erin Smith

Living with celiac disease since 1981 and eating gluten-free long before it was "trendy", Erin Smith has a unique perspective of growing up in the gluten-free community; Founded Gluten-Free Fun in 2007; Founded Gluten-Free Globetrotter® in 2011; Founded GlutenFreelancer® in 2014. Erin was the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group, a social community of more than 2,000 members for over a decade. She is the founder of the Santa Cruz Celiac support group. Erin currently resides in New York City and lives 100% gluten-free.
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4 Responses to Gluten-Free in Portland: Bakeries, Groceries, and Food Carts

  1. Cece Otto says:

    Good morning Erin! I hope you’re doing well. I actually live in NE Portland right by the GF Chef, plus there’s a couple more GF-friendly sit down restaurants in the area not on your list that are really good in this area too. If you head to the NE side on one of your trips, let me know! –Cece

  2. Good list! I actually live in NE Portland not far from the GF Chef, and there’s also a couple nice sit-down restaurants in this area that are GF-Friendly as well. If you get time on one of your future trips to head this way let me know! –Cece

    • Erin Smith says:

      I definitely want to get together on one of my trips this year. I will email you! The only restaurant I went to in NE Portland is Pambiche. I want to try Mama Leo’s. Have you been yet?

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