European Celiac/Coeliac Societies

Are you planning a trip to Europe? Here is an updated list of Celiac/Coeliac Societies throughout Europe. You can also find the permalink here.

Coeliac Youth of Europe:
Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS):

Andorra, Celíacs d’
Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zöliakie:
Belgium, Vlaamse Coeliakie Vereniging:
Belgium, Société Belge de la Cœliaquie:
Croatian Society for Coeliac Disease:
Czech Republic, Spolecnost pro bezlepkovon dietu (Celiacs’ Association of the Czech Republic):
Czech Republic, Sdruzeni celiaku Ceske republiky (Czech Coeliac Society):
Denmark, Dansk Cøliaki Forening:
Finland, Suomen Keliakialiitto ry:
France, Association Francaise Des Intolerants Au Gluten:
Germany, Deutsche Zöliakie-Gesellschaft e.V:
Greece, Greek Coeliac Association:
Greece, Coeliac Greece:
Hungary, Hungarian Coeliac Society:
Ireland, Coeliac Society of Ireland:
Italy, Associazione Italiana Celiachia:
Luxembourg, Association Luxembourgeoise des Intolérants au Gluten:
Malta, Coeliac Association Malta:
Netherlands, Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging:
Norway, Norsk Cøliakiforening:
Poland, Polish Coeliac Society:
Portugal, Associação Portuguesa de Celíacos:
Romania, Asociatia celiacilor din Romania:
Russia, St. Petersburg Society of Celiac Disease:
Slovakia, Slovakian Coeliac Society:
Slovenia, Slovensko Drustvo Za Celiakija (Slovene Celiac Society):
Spain, Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España (FACE):
Sweden, Swedish Coeliac Society:
Switzerland, Interessengemeinschaft für Zöliakie der Deutschen Schweiz,
Turkey, Turkish Coeliac Society:
United Kingdom
, Coeliac UK:

About Erin Smith

Living with celiac disease since 1981 and eating gluten-free long before it was "trendy", Erin Smith has a unique perspective of growing up in the gluten-free community; Founded Gluten-Free Fun in 2007; Founded Gluten-Free Globetrotter® in 2011; Founded GlutenFreelancer® in 2014. Erin was the lead organizer of the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup group, a social community of more than 2,000 members for over a decade. She is the founder of the Santa Cruz Celiac support group. Erin currently resides in New York City and lives 100% gluten-free.
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  3. Bahar says:

    Can you add our Association: Turkish Coeliac Association,

  4. Kathy Ireland says:

    Help! I am going to Moscow and to St. Petersburg this Friday. The St. Petersburg site is all in Russian. Do you have any information in English that will help me locate possible grocery stores that carry GF foods or possible restaurants that are known to have an understanding chef or a menu that is tolerable? Thank-you for your time and thank-you for organizing this website!

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